10k Run & Strength Training Plan

Into week 3 after the marathon and I’m feeling pretty good. People in work are asking me if I’m recovered from it, and I’m grateful to say that I am.

I’ve eased myself back in, with a loose idea of what I wanted my training to be, but I was sure to listen to my body in the last two weeks and take plenty rest and recovery.

As I mentioned before, I’m off coffee, I just don’t fancy it anymore. I seen to be getting better sleeps (surprise surprise), so it’s probably a good thing I’ve gone off it. I’ll probably still use it on long runs and keep it at that.

This week I’m feeling back to normal, and I’ve got a training plan together to work towards training for the women’s 10k on the 10th June.

3-4 runs a week (Mon / Thu / Sat / Wed?)
(including some coaching sessions)
2 strength sessions a week (Tue / Fri)
1-2 Rest days a week (Sun / Wed?)

Further to my post the other day about my plans for strength training… https://lornpearsontrains.co.uk/2018/05/05/summer-strength-2018/

I’ll build into my strength work will be 3 circuits of 8 exercises, for 2 weeks. Then next week I’ll get back to doing Squat Strength (and three other sets and a finisher) one day, then Deadlift Strength (and three other sets and a finisher) as my two strength sessions a week.

Here’s my 6 week plan, which I’ve saved into my phone…

I’ll do most of my sessions in the morning before work… any coaching sessions are usually in the PM, and I might do the odd wee lunchtime run. 🙂

I tend to schedule the most training I’ll do, and take it as it comes / drop a session if I need rest. I’ll remain flexible and shift sessions about in the week if need be.

And as I don’t particularly enjoy running hard… I’ve put in speed and tempo sessions, but if I’m not up for them, or an option to run with someone else comes up, I’ll probably do that instead.

Note – I’ve formulated this plan for me, and it might not suit everyone. If you want advice on a training plan, contact me on lorn@lornpearsontrains.co.uk or message me via my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/lornpearsontrains

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