Keeping up with the Jones

My other half, Fit Girl, had been wanting a new set of steps at our house. More or less since we moved in 5 years ago.

For some reason, when the builders built the little porches on the houses at ours, they lined the little step up with the inner door, not the outer door, and they’re off centre with the main outside doors.

Fit girl did some research and bought a couple of steps from JW Grant in Paisley, then phoned around a couple of builders to do the job. She got a good price, and here’s the result… lovely!

We came home to them yesterday, and the builder said he’d be back out today, as our neighbour asked for his to be done too! (And it’s not the first time they’ve done that with other things around our house).

Anyway, the builder (Gary) did a good job, don’t you think? 👍🏻 (As did Fit Girl in doing all the research etc).

I wonder where we’ll put our tree we just bought that won’t fit there any more.

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