The last two times I’ve been away on holiday, at the breakfast buffet, there’s been grapefruit. And I’ve really enjoyed it – even though it’s a bit sour and bitter tasting and strange.

I like them and there’s the added bonus that like many fruits, they’re good for you (and you can’t eat a lot of them).

So this week I bought some and I’ve been having some for breakfast every day. It’s well tasty. I can’t help thinking that’s me finally most definitely an adult if I’m eating sour tasting grapefruit out of choice!

I struggled to peel them initially, but mr google helped…

I could do with some practice prepping them, but that’ll happen if I have them for breakfast every day.

I can’t imagine any children ever choosing to eat it. Maybe I’ll try it on my nieces next time I see them. 😉 (followed by some strawberries or ice cream to take the bitterness away).

Grapefruit – so you like it, or not?

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