Broken a habit…

Something strange has happened to me. I had two weeks off caffeine before the London Marathon… (stopped drinking my usual 2 cups of coffee a day) and now I really don’t fancy it at all. Like I’ve broken a habit… or just decided it’s not for me anymore.

Each time I’ve had a coffee since I haven’t enjoyed it, even my sugar and caffeine filled Iced coffee doubleshot espresso cans! It feels a bit odd, but I’m embracing it.

I had two lattes in the morning after the marathon, and I thought I’d have loved them, but they didn’t do much at all. And each time I’ve had one since, I’ve wished I hadn’t. It’s very strange.

I don’t feel like I need the caffeine to ‘pick me up’, but there’s also the fact that I’m not enjoying it or needing it, like I did prior to April.

I’ll still be getting some usual amount of caffeine in small amounts from the chocolate I eat, but it seems like my habit has been broken! So now if I’m maybe a non caffeine user… maybe each time I take a caffeine gel when I’m running … I’ll be flying!

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