Wk17 into Wk18

After a week of recovery, I’m feeling pretty good. The pain that was in my hip flexor on Friday seemed to go away on Saturday, and I don’t think I can feel it now…. I’m cautiously expecting it to return, but hopefully a rest this weekend has done it good.

Still, I’m not going to have a planned training week next week, I’m going to have another recovery week, and gently get myself back into exercising… and probably back into the stairs at work. (4 flights up to my desk).

On Friday I ran 4 miles, and felt a twinge in my hip flexor, so I rested this weekend. Doing the odd bit of gardening / planting and did a couple of walks and got some good sleeps.

I’ve been eating a lot since last week, and now it’s probably time to reign it in a bit. Some walking, foam rollering and stretching would do me good too.

Our little green trees are flowering with red flowers, and I got a few more plants on Saturday and planted them and tidied up the area. I also planted some sunflower seeds (36!) and sowed some summer meadow to see how it turns out.

Last year I failed with sun flowers, but hopefully one or two out of 36 will flourish this year.

Food wise next week I’m going to simplify it and stop eating everything I see. Lol. Tasty healthy food. I won’t go into detail, but I know what I’m doing. Food prep and simplicity will be key, as will drinking water.

I’ve strangely gone off drinking coffee, which will hopefully do good for my sleep.

I’ve entered the women’s 10k which is in about 5 weeks, plenty time to recover and get back to it before then.

Next week I’ll try a short run at some point, and will get back into the Garagym to ease myself back into bodyweight Strength work and include my foam roller work. But I’ll listen to my body and make sure I get plenty rest and recover too.

I have a massage on Wednesday which I’m looking forward to, although I have a feeling it’ll be a little bit sore!

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