The day before the VLM 2018

It was a long journey down in the train but we got here just before 1. My friend Lesley joined me this year, to support and hopefully look after me when I’m a bag of … at the end of the marathon tomorrow.

On the journey down I remembered that I’d googled the house my Granny and Grandad (and mum and her siblings) lived in, in London in the 40s – 19 Myddleton Park.

About 10-15 minutes from London I realised that we were about to pass quite near to it… then through a tunnel. It was less than a mile away from he train tracks. I still think of my Granny daily, and I wonder if my elephant I dropped in St James Park 2 years ago is still there? I wonder what she’d say about me running the marathon tomorrow.

We got to Kings Cross, met someone Lesley knows and went straight to the where I picked up my number and we had a wee look around. A good omen was meeting Paul Clawson as he was leaving, wearing his VLM top from 2016. He said it was busy and he was right.

I got my number and my timing chip, and went through the expo. I refrained from buying any gear (as I really don’t need it)… but I did my a new medal hanger as my current ones have run out of space. I get mine from Runners Wall, and they’re always good.

After I got my number and were finished at the expo, we travelled back west towards Waterloo, and we checked into our hotel. The Hampton by Hilton at Waterloo. A nice wee twin room – it seems nice so far.

And more importantly it serves breakfast from 6am tomorrow. 🙂

Onto my dinner for tonight… I went all out and had a sirloin steak, along with fries, mushrooms and green beans. Did you know green beans make you run fast and resistant to the sun? Well, they do. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

I probably didn’t need a pudding after all of that, but I ordered one anyway, and ate it all for myself. Sticky toffee pudding, and ice cream. Yum.

After dinner we had a wee rest and a drink, then we went a wee walk down to the Thames and the London eye. I’ve done 10,000 steps today, so possibly more than I’d have liked, but the little walk was nice and refreshing after dinner, so all good.

I was feeling fine all day, then as if I’d just had my last supper, I started to feel a bit nervous / excited about tomorrow. It finally hit me what I’m about to do!

We came home and I saw that I had a few messages of encouragement on Facebook, and I’m pleased to say, a notification to say that you nice people I know have pledged an amazing £841 to my just giving link.

I’m so grateful… but anyone that knows me knows I hate an odd number, so if anyone fancies putting on a donation with a 4 at the end of it, I’d be eternally grateful. It’s my brother Ewen’s fault for giving me £1 for every full mile (26 lol).

I’ve oddly being seeing the number 26 a lot today… my seat on the train, and a bus number. I’m in room 521… which I chose when I checked in yesterday… 21 is my birthday, but when you add 5 and 21, what do you get? 🤪

If I’m like this now, god knows what I’ll be like tomorrow after I’ve had caffeine and run 262 miles. Lol.

Lesley is away for a workout and I’ve been busy in the room getting ready for my 2nd London Marathon. All my gear is laid out, and my water pack is filled up.

The weather is due to be hot tomorrow, 20-24’C probably with a slight wind. So I’m just going to see how it goes and run to my heart rate (155-165, plus a bit towards the end).

I got a message on Facebook from the club runner ‘Siobhan’ I ran with in the last few miles of the London marathon in 2016 and she’s starting at the same start as me so it would be nice to see her again.

So here’s what I’m wearing, and what you can look out for on the telly, after the queen shouts me across the start line …. 😜 Purple shorts, yellow vest, maybe a white cap… water pack covered by my slightly crazy, but hopefully fun, pink cape. Pink arms maybe, and plenty suncream.

I was walking around tonight, feeling very fortunate to be fit and healthy enough to be able to run a marathon, let alone be lucky enough to run the London marathon, and raise money for Turning Point Scotland.

Thanks to everyone who has sponsored me or / and wished me well.

Good luck to Audrey, Cris and Paul running tomorrow, and happy 40th birthday to my sister too. I’m away to read my ‘final instructions’ and figure out when I’m leaving tomorrow to get to Maze Hill / Blackheath.

Ps: you can track me by downloading the ‘London marathon’ app, and adding me as your favourite – 29065 or enter my name.

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