My outfit… and my cape

It’s not every day you get to run the London marathon… so I figured I might as well make an effort with my outfit.

I’ll be running in shorts and a vest, and will have my trusty water pack on too. Name badge the same as in the picture below, and my magnetic badge clips too.

This is what I wore last time in 2016… I couldn’t resist the cape, and it didn’t annoy me at all. So I figured I could do the same this year, for a laugh. Why not eh?

If you don’t know about my cape… you can read about it here:

On Sunday I’ll be wearing purple shorts and a yellow vest with a pink seam. My blue trainers, and my pink arms (which will probably come down to my wrists).

I figured I might as well go all out and get myself a pink cape too… but it came and it was massive…. so I got the scissors, wondaweb and iron out.

And here it is. It’ll go around my neck and over my water pack, and hopefully give me some extra wee super powers to deal with the heat!

If you want to track me, download the London marathon app and put in my name or number 26095. 🙂

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