9 days until the London Marathon

It’s 9 days to go until I run the London marathon. I’m excited but also a little daunted. Eeek. It’s a big challenge.

Am I ready for it? Yes.

Have I done enough training? Probably (but I perhaps could have done more).

Will it go well? Who knows, (probably).

I’ve run 10 marathons and a couple of ultras, and the overwhelming size of the challenge of a marathon is there, but hopefully my training (and recovery) will have done me good so that I’ll be ready when I toe the line on the 22nd April.

I did a longer than usual training plan this year – around 16 weeks (when I’d usually only do a 10-12 week training plan. My plan asked for long miles quite early on, and I was enjoying my training.

Around the end of February time my work Twinnie who knows me and running well, and usually says very sensible things, said that maybe I’d peaked too soon. And she was probably right. (She usually is).

I probably peaked for the Inverness half marathon where I ran 18 miles at the start of March. Then I needed and took a full week of rest, then a week on holiday where I was active, but probably not running as much as I could have been (I wasn’t running 15 miles in the heat, and figured the rest would be good for me).

Plenty rest, plenty sleep, a couple of runs, a couple of strength sessions, plenty good food. Nice and relaxing and warm!

After I was back, I kept my running ticking along …. a 20 miler, then another 20 miler the following weekend which felt really good. Then the plan was a 15 miler the next weekend but I simply didn’t do it. Excuses coupled with period pain and caffeine withdrawal headaches meant there was no way I was running last Sunday.

Through out my training it felt a bit like Work (a new job) and other excuses got in the way of me doing some of my runs. And as I thought, I kept up the speedwork at the start, but didn’t do much towards the end. I know it’s good for you, but it’s tough. So I can find it hard to make myself do it – even though I feel great after it.

9 days left and I’m truly in taper zone. I stopped drinking coffee 2 weeks before race day, so that hopefully when I take caffeine on race day I get a big kick and benefits from it. I’ve eased off the miles, and will probably do 10-13 miles this weekend as my last long run.

Without coffee hasn’t been too nice – I experienced headaches and brain fog for the first 2-3 days… so didn’t run then either. But I’m feeling fine now (and still eating chocolate), hopefully it’ll be worth it on race day when I finally let myself consume the drug… I mean my caffeine gels.

Today I’m sending out my charity just giving link to some work colleagues … it’s pay day, so fingers crossed. I’m raising money for Turning Point Scotland.

I didn’t want to make too big a deal of it, so I’ve just done a few posts on social media, that email in Work and here:
https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/lornrunsthelondonmarathon2018. If you fancy sponsoring me a fiver or whatever, I’d really appreciate it. 🙂

Next week I’m in Aberdeen for a couple of days with Work, and I’ll do a couple of runs. Saturday me and a very good friend Lesley will train it down to London, go to the expo and pick up my number and have a good dinner.

Amazing Audrey is running the marathon too so I’ll be keen to see how she gets on. Her training has gone great. She’s been so determined and done all of her long runs.

Then Sunday the marathon starts at 10. I need to try my outfit I’ll be wearing on the day, this weekend. Oh and it’s meant to be a heat wave on the 22nd April – 20’C!! Aaaaaah. It’ll be like my first marathon (fort William 2011) all over again. Hot and horrible. But I have a few marathons under my belt since then so hopefully it’ll be fine.

I think I’ll break it down into 4 mile sections with a wee 1.2 mile bit at the end. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to it.

Ps: I’ve run about 350 miles over 40 runs in my training, burned around 35,000 calories on my runs and taken 1.5 millions steps (walking as well as running).

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