Two weeks to go…

Two weeks to go now, and last week I didn’t even manage to do a long run … I had planned to do 13-16M on the Saturday, then moved it to the Sunday… then by the time Sunday came I wasn’t feeling well, and knew I wasn’t up to it. So 10.2 miles for the week it was.

In the back of my mind, I know it’s ok, and I’m better off getting myself feeling better then seeing how I go with my runs. Knowing that my training so far will stand me in good stead for the marathon in two weeks time… but it could be better.

Here’s what I did last week (eeeeek!):

Mon: Rest
Tue: 5.2M
Wed: Rest
Thu: Rest
Fri: 5M
Sat: Rest
Sun: Rest

I’m still not into my early morning routine of training, managing to get up twice out of 5 days last week to go for a run before work.

Sunday I was struck by the first day of the month – I won’t go into it, but it can sometimes floor me, and yesterday it did. It’s usually fine by day 2, but not good one day 1. We did have a nice walk in the park between showers.

Today I’m aiming to leave work on time then go for a long easy run. Then here’s the plan for the next two weeks:

Mon: 13-16M
Tue: 5M
Wed: Rest
Thu: 6M
Fri: Strength or rest
Sat: 10M
Sun: Rest

Mon: Strength
Tue: 10 x 400m or 4-5M
Wed: Rest
Thu: 6M
Fri: Rest
Sat: Travel
Sun: 26.2M

Now I’m on my caffeine fast as of today, two weeks off it and by the time the 22nd comes and I take caffeine my body should be craving it. Hopefully I won’t have too much withdrawal from it (I usually only have 1-2 coffees a day, so I’m stopping them, and will keep eating chocolate, so not a total fast).

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