Nearly 10 miles of thoughts

615am and I wake in a blur before my alarm.
It’s Thursday morning (I think) and my 4th day back at work since being in holiday.
The alarm is due to go off at 630am and I was going to go for a 10 mile run before work. I look up at the clock, and roll back over.

All of my gear is set aside ready in the spare room for me to get up and dressed and out, but I can’t seem to get up. I know I want to go for a run, and that I’ll feel great after it. But my mind is busy trying to come up with excuses and ways out. So that I don’t have to run.

It’s really annoying – so I end up just getting up.
Before my alarm, I get up and go into the spare room to get my gear on. I look outside and it’s pleasantly not dark / getting light. But there’s a clear frost – a cold Spring morning.

I nearly use that as an excuse not to run.
But then I get my gear on, and get myself some running gloves, a buff and a cap. Sorted. I visit the bathroom as I’ll be out running for about 1 hour 30. I wear my london marathon top to remind myself why I’m doing this.

I go downstairs and get all of my gadgets on – garmin, iPod, aftershokz headphones… Then I realise I don’t have any pockets for my iPod. Aaahhhh.
I consider running with it in my hand, but then decide I need to change my capris.
I go into the bedroom trying not to wake the other half up… and get another pair of capris a la pocket.

Sorted – I go downstairs and grab a big drink of water then head out. Trainers on, open the door quietly.
No food before going out, I’ll run on empty this time.
I don’t know where I’m going to run or how I’ll run, but at least I’m out the door.

Plan is to do 9.5 miles to get my month just miles up to 80 for March. Ahead of me doing 20 miles on Saturday to get 100 miles for March. I get into my run and decide I’ll go uk to Nithsdale Road.
My favourite road to run on.

A mile or so in I think, maybe I could just do 4 or 5 miles. Then I get over myself and decide 9.5 it is.
I think about where I’ll run and consider going up and down Nithsdale a few times, then decide I need a run through parks.
I head to Bellahouston park, crossing the road, I let a moped cross in front of me.

I look east and see the sun hadn’t really started to rise yet, but it will. As I’m running my thoughts come one after the other in quick succession.
Work, running, numbers, niggles, breathing, hard, easy, work, to do, sleep, cold, sore Achilles, what feels like needles in my right glute.
I remember how good running is to let go, to release the stress, to relax and to achieve.

Running up Nithsdale I decide my plan of action.
I’ll run a 2 mile warm up then put effort in to run fast on every third mile.
Easy for 2, fast for 1 (mile 3), easy for 2, fast for 1 (mile 6), easy for 2, fast for 1 (mile 9) then recovery for 0.5 a mile. It’s hard on the efforts but I push it and manage them.

I run fast up and down a mile on Nithsdale Road. (Mile 3).
And towards the end of the mile I’m gagging for the recovery. Why is running fast so hard – aaaagghh.
I check my pace and I’m going well – then finally I get my recovery.

In Bella I run uphill slightly, then downhill around the back of the park. I pass a man walking a big ball of white fluff (a dog!)
And the dog seems to want to run and play with me, but the man pulls him close to him (controlling it) and seems angry at the wee dog.
As I run down the hill I see the most spectacular sight of the low Britt sun streaming through the frosty trees / sun rays and such a lovely picture to see.

I don’t carry cameras on runs, so I make and effort to remember the nice scenes instead. I’m lucky to have seen it and I’m glad I got my ass out of bed to run.
Running on, I pass the white ball of fluff again and exactly the same thing happens. I give them a wide berth, and apologise to the angry man.

I run a bit more through Bellahouston, taking in the frosty sights within the park. Then I run on to Pollok Park, one of my favourite parks in Glasgow. Mile 6 comes before I know it and I need to push it.
Over half way, and I now I can do this.

I look at my garmin… Heart rate, cadence, time, pace, distance. So many measures.
My heart rate seems higher on the garmin than it feels – garmin days 168, I feel like it’s 155. Mmmmmm
I adjust my HRM strap and hope it fixes – something not quite right (see the red graph).

2 miles recovery is here before I know it.
Into Pollok Park and I need to watch my feet with the slightly icy pavements. They’re ok, I just need to stay away from the icy puddles.
I didn’t even really notice the hill before the deepest darkest forrest.
Then I’m running through it and I notice the river flowing fast, and I hear the birds tweeting over my music.

I hadn’t planned my route but I had a feeling I’d be doing about 9.5 – 10 miles and I was right.
I was saying yo Audrey the other night, it’s funny how you just know distances that you regularly run and can make up routes on the go.
Up the hill in Pollok Park and again I see the sun streaming through some trees again. So pretty and I might be one of the only ones up to see it.

I lose track of when my faster mile should be, then I realise it’s coming up – mile 8-9. I build up my pace and kick off for my third mile with effort. Out the park, I cross the busy road seamlessly, and avoid some icy patches. Slowing down a bit, I push on down St. Andrews Drive.

Now I’m feeling great, invincible, like I can do anything I set my mind to. Super, magic, unique.
I’ve no idea what time it is, but I know I’m about a mile from home. Pushing through the last effort… watching pace on my garmin, sub 8 min miles.

Feeling strong and I finally get to the end of my third mile interval as my 9th mile ticks off. I slow to recover, and take it easy for the last half mile.
9.5 miles, 1:20, 8:30 avg pace, fast miles were 7:43, 7:44, 7:46 min miles – great.
Feeling brilliant, and know I’ll be feeling smug all day that I ran nearly 10 miles before breakfast.

20 miles on Saturday and that should get me to another 100 miles for March.

I’m going to get back into running like this in training for London – simply because it’s MAGIC!.

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2 Responses to Nearly 10 miles of thoughts

  1. Philip says:

    The high heart rate readings happen to me sometimes for the for first half mile of so (never seen it at the end), your strap has started reading your cadence as you heart rate, maybe you need to clean the electrodes? Frosty morning runs are some of my favourite runs also

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