I ‘look like a runner’…

I had a bit of a bizarre conversation today at work … with John Beattie…

It started off with him asking how I was… me saying I’d been on holiday… he asked where I’d been and asked if I was running when there…

Now he knows of me, knows my name and who I am in work, but only through work as far as I know – not as a ‘runner’ or by following my blog or Facebook page…

So I asked him how he knew I was a runner, and (rather pleasingly) he said I look like a runner. 👍🏻 (then we had a nice conversation about running).

And I wasn’t even wearing trainers / there was no Lycra in sight (only my work clothes).

Someone else said that to me before, but I was wearing trainers, hence the comment.

Anyway, looks like the training is working or at least making me look like a runner!

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