Sleep, movement & sunrises

Everything seems a little easier in the warm and without work… I’ve had 4 nights of really good 10 hour sleeps – early nights, long sleeps with no alarm. If only I could do that every day / night!

And this morning it felt really easy to do 15 minutes of stretching and movement in the sunny balcony before breakfast as the sun poured in through the balcony.

I did some warm up stretches, then 3 round of 10 Press Ups / 10 squats, then 3 rounds of 6 hold Press Ups / 10 squats, before finishing off with some stretching.

It’s a lot easier to eat too – with a big breakfast buffet of anything you might want available.

Sun rise was about 7am this morning and we sat out and watched it come up. Very pretty indeed.

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