Holiday reset

You might be wondering, ‘why has Lorn gone away on holiday to train / exercise? I thought holidays were for resting and relaxation…’ well it’s a bit of both for me. It’s a reset to get a good lot of sleep, mixed with some daily exercise, some daily down time and some heat (sun bathing / sauna).

Off the back of a week of rest after a the Inverness half marathon, after a bit of time where I felt my training was going off track, partly to do with the cold weather / snow, partly to do with being busy in a new job, and partly because I simply couldn’t be bothered… with less than 5 weeks to go until the London Marathon I need to get my sh!t together.

Now I’m lucky to have a week off work and be away at a place which is warm – 18-22’C. It’s a little windy, but the wind brings nice relief from the heat. We’re half board so we have breakfast and the evening dinner / buffet style for both – good food and plenty of ice cream too.

We did this two years ago when I was training for the London marathon, and I found it was a good way to ease back into little and often running / exercise, plus sleep, rest and relaxation.

I’m getting early nights after big 3 course dinners – soup to start, then fish or meat and veg… then ice cream (3 scoops) and usually a special wee pudding too.

Breakfast is fruit and yoghurt, followed by eggs and whatever I fancy. Lunch is a banana to keep me going. So I’m eating plenty. And I’m sleeping plenty too… 9-10 hours a night.

After a quiet time exercise wise last week – I’m back in it and feeling good. Last week after the half marathon I was tired until about Wednesday, but since I was going away, I took advantage and rested for 6 days – nearly a whole week off. Eeek

Travel day on Saturday… then I’m aiming on doing some exercise each day this week until I come back…

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

Sat: Rest / Travel
Sun: 32 min bodyweight 10s Strength + 18 min run + 15 min Swim / Sauna Mon: 4.5M easy before breakfast / sun bathe / 3M Walk / Strength 60 mins

Plus some down time – relaxing, reading, sun bathing, sleeping.

I’m feeling nice and refreshed anyway.

I plan to run Tuesday morning as the sun comes up, maybe some more beach running. Today we ran with the wind at our backs then back home into the wind… think I’ll run the other directions tomorrow (so I get blown back home).

I have an indoor and outdoor pool at my disposal, and the beach and see is a 30 second walk away. I must go for a swim in the sea.

There’s a gym, treadmill, weights and a workout area… and a sauna and steam room too. I’m not going to plan anything, but try and do a bit of something each day, get good sleeps, rest, sun bathing and eating and drinking plenty (water).

There’s also daily classes, two of which I joined today, one at 3 (partner workout) and one at 4 (HIIT). There’s circuit training, yoga, aqua fit, barbell workouts, step. Think I’ll pick and choose and get some rest and relaxation in too.

Then when I get back, here’s the plan (aaahhhh 4 weeks!):

Sun: 20M
Mon 26: Rest
Tue: Strength 45-60 mins -1
Wed: 10×400 Run
Thu: Strength 45-60 mins -2
Fri: 6.2M (off)
Sat: 20-22M
Sun: Rest

Mon 2: 4M (off)
Tue: Strength 45-60-3
Wed: 8×800 run
Thu: Strength 45-60-4
Fri: Rest
Sat: 15-16M
Sun: Rest

Mon 9: 6M
Tue: Strength 45-60-5
Wed: 5x1k run
Thu: Strength 45-60-6
Fri: 3.1M
Sat: 10M
Sun: Rest

Mon 16: 10k easy Run
Tue: Strength 45-60-7
Wed: 6×400 Run
Thu: Strength 45- 60-8
Fri: 4M
Sat: Rest / Travel
Sun: London Marathon

Here’s me on my first morning here… 🙂 (with my big comfy slippers on lol).

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