Ready for the Inverness half (plus some)

I went and picked up my number for the Inverness half this morning, and plotted a wee 3 mile route down to the start line that I’ll run. I’ll leave about 1140 for a muster time of 1215, then a start time of 1230.

If I run there and do the half it’ll be about 15.4 miles, if I run home too, it’ll be 18-19 miles which I’m going for. I’ve had a good breakfast & a coffee and I’m just about to eat a caffeine energy bar.

I’ve got my new GoPro I’m going to try out, and I’m bringing along a wee key ring lady for the key to the house I’m staying at. And I’ll wear my water pack too. Tunes on my iPod, will play though my aftershokz headset.

The weather looks just right for running, a little damp to start (no rain though) brightening up later (so I’ll wear my sunnies).

Im wearing my rainbow capris (as someone described them today), my blue Loch Ness Marathon top and my red gillet. I’m looking forward to the run. 👍🏻

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