Getting out of the habit

The other night I was looking over the training I’d done so far for the London Marathon… with a holiday coming up in a couple of weeks time, and a missed long run last weekend due to the snow… and lets not forget the previous 20 miler than turned out to be 12.2 miles a few weeks ago… I’m slowly getting a little worried about my training.

At the back of my mind, I’m thinking – I’m not really running all that much. 100 miles in January, including 4 long runs, a little hampered by the snow… then 105 miles in February with failed attempts at long runs, a ‘bad’ run. When I actually look back… I really need to pick up my running again – no excuses.

It feels like I’ve kind of got out of the habit of getting up early to run. I used to nearly always run at between 630-7am = 40 mins to 2 hours… but through the Winter I’ve found it hard to have reason to get up out of my bed to run. And so, my habits have changed and I think I’ve got out of the habit of rising early to run.

Another thing that has happened is something I thought might happen… I’ve planned in speedwork (and not really wanted to do it…) so instead of doing speedwork…. I don’t even run. Not good. Any speedwork I’ve done has been challenging and I’ve felt the benefit… but at the back of my mind, I know I don’t like it and as such I’m less inclined to do it. The answer is not to bunk off of it all together, but to go for a run and enjoy it. But I’ve not really been doing that.

I have been strength training consistently- 2 days a week for the last 16 weeks, which I’m pleased with. I’m having a rest week this week, only having done one short strength session, but I’ll be back to it from next week.

I could put lots of reasons (or excuses) which have got in the way of me running – the snow, dark mornings (which aren’t dark anymore!), sore feet, a new job, dark nights… blah blah blah… but best not to do that. Better to know what was stopping me doing it, and go forward and make plans to just do it… get out there and run! I’ll need to if I want to have a good run at the London Marathon.

Here’s my training so far..

And here’s the training that I plan to do:

A mixture of 2 strength sessions a week and 3 runs a week, including a week of holiday where I’ll run a bit, but mostly take time out to relax and rewind. 6 weeks to go… here we go. Better get on with it!

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