Sore feet Pearson

In 2016 after three marathons in 18 months, I suffered from plantar fasciitis in both my feet. More so I’m the right one, the pain was there not when I ran, but in every day activities, especially after I got up in the morning. It wasn’t show stopping, but it wasn’t quite right.

It’s hard to know what the reason for the pain was – it could have been a change in every day shoes at work (flatter less support) … or lots of repetitive miles training for consecutive marathons 3 x 6 months. I could still run with it, but I probably shouldn’t.

The way I fixed it was to take 2-3 months off running. October to December 2016, I ran a puddly amount of miles, and my feet got better. When the pain was there I also did stretches including calf dips and rolling my feet on an iced bottle.

Well now, I’m afraid, it’s back. I started to feel it on Sunday – the day after my first venture on a treadmill (lol). It’s especially bad in my right foot, and it’s there all of the time. Constant pain, the base of my foot really needing a good stretch. Strangely it seems to go when you run, but comes back when you don’t run (when you walk).

Apparently it’s all tied into your calves and Achilles and stretching them daily can help. I’m doing that daily with the foot roller above and doing calf dips on the stairs. And next week I’m going to get a sports massage focus on my feet for a bit of it.

I’ve had two rest days at the start of this week and I’m going to take a break from strength training this week for a rest this week. I’ll run a couple of days, and do the Inverness half marathon on Sunday. Hopefully it’ll ease off and I’ll be back to normal soon.

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