8 miles of treadmill intervals

I haven’t been on a treadmill in maybe over a year, but I had access to one this morning and figured I had no excuses (especially with the weather being so snowy outside). I really don’t like treadmills, but today it was ok.

It was in km per hour which I don’t use, but I can figure out. I started it at 11kph, and decided I’d do 5 minute intervals for about an hour. Increasing the speed by 0.5kph every 5 minutes until I got to not nice fast / hard running.

So here’s what I did:

63 minutes in total and just under 8 miles of running.

I got to about 50 or 55 minutes and pressed a button which I thought would extend my time on it, but it forced the treadmill into cool down mode, so whilst I was running at about 11.5kph, the treadmill forced the speed down to 7kph every minute. Aaarrggg.

I managed to extend the time to 63 minutes, and instead of let myself get angry at the treadmill auto cool down, I pushed the speed back up to 15kph for 45 seconds, x5. So I ended up doing 5 x 45 sec sprints, with 15 sec recoveries at the end of it.

My heart rate started about 130-140, then up to 165 on the first 13.0kph split, and up to 171 on the 13.5kph split just before 30 minutes in. I took a wee recovery, then let my speed decrease over more 5 minute slots, before the sprints forced my hr up to 174 at the end.

A good hard workout and the first time I’ve worn my shorts and vest for months and months. (And the first time I’ve sweated running, indoors). I watched BBC news with subtitles on 1 and listened to my iPod.

Here’s me at the end – a sweaty mess … all good and I’m glad I did it. Maybe I should try treadmill running more often??!! 😜🏃‍♀️

Ps: it’s not 20 miles like I had planned, but it’ll do and I’ll reconfigure my training plan once the snow is all gone.

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