Wk9 into Wk10

This week didn’t go to plan at all, but sometimes things happen which change things and it’s ok. I’ve run twice, and done one strength session. And had a few good rest days. I’m still on for 2x Strength a week for my 16th week in a row, and I’ll hopefully get 3 runs in this week too.

My long run was in doubt as there was no way I was running in the snow… but I have access to a treadmill tomorrow, so I might go on it and see what happens. Then my 2nd strength session of the week on Sunday.

Here’s what I’ll have hopefully done this week:

Mon: Rest
Tue: AM 6.2M easy PM: 4M hills coaching
Wed: Squat Strength 4.7
Thu: Rest
Fri: Rest
Sat: 12-18M ??
Sun: Deadlift & TRX Strength 4.8

The snow came on Tuesday night into Wednesday, so I managed to get two runs in on Tuesday just on time. It totalled my runs in February up to 105 miles… so it broke my monthly 100 mile routine… which is good as I really didn’t want to keep doing it this whole year!

My sleep has been ok but I have woken a few times and not been able to get back to sleep on some nights. The above photo was taken at 3am on Tuesday night. I got my iPod and took it back to bed to help me get to sleep. It seemed to work – listening to ‘night school’ by Richard Wiseman.

Below is my annual running graph – March 2017 – February 2018.

I might see if I can make it a bit of a mirror image graph this test, but I’ll wait and see… something like 100, 105, 110, 115, 110, 105, 100, 115, 110, 105, 100… but we’ll see. 😜🙈

In work the snow meant my work from Wednesday to Friday were busy with making sure the BBC Scotland news teams had what they needed to get the news on air… my new job is different and possibly making better use of my skills & experience compared to my old job, and 6 weeks in I’m really enjoying it.

I trudged into work each day in my walking boots and waterproof trousers. It’s just a 10-15 minute walk so it was ok. It’s nice to be able to be there and help out. 🙂

It was a rather eventful week, sitting in on s programme going out… the co-ordinating and fixing quite a lot of things for people each day.

Today I had a bagel at 10am then I was so busy I forgot to eat until about 2pm which wasn’t ideal, but sometimes I like days like that as you’re so busy and doing so much, then you stop and realise who much you’ve got done!

Hopefully the snow will be gone by Monday or Tuesday, and I’m up to Inverness I’m Thursday to work from the BBC there on Thursday and Friday, then seeing friends on Saturday and running the half marathon on Sunday, back Monday.

Here’s my training plans for next week:

Mon: Rest if still snow or easy run
Tue: Squat Strength 5.1
Wed: Interval Run
Thu: Deadlift Strength 5.2 / Travel
Fri: Easy Run
Sat: 13.1M Inv HM
Sun: Rest

I really need to try to make use of the treadmill tomorrow. I have my gear ready to go, I just need to get up early to do it. I usually hate the treadmill, but needs must. I’m planning on setting my alarm early, going down to the treadmill and seeing how long I can last on it. 5… 8… 12… 15… 18 miles?? 2.5???!!

Saying that, if I don’t do it, it won’t be the end of the world. We’ll see what happens.

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