12.2M Southside & Plans

Well, this weekends long run didn’t go exactly to plan, but I decided about an hour in that I needed to change the plan, and I’m glad I did. The plan was 20 miles or around 3 hours, split down into 4×5 miles.

But about 7-8 miles in I knew there was no way I was running 20 miles. It was late afternoon, a time when I don’t normally run long, and I probably hadn’t eaten it drunk enough that day to set me up for a long run.

I’d had my usual breakfast, then a chicken wrap, a caffeine SIS energy bar, and a protein mars bar by the time I ran – but about 7 miles in, around Pollok Park I was feeling sick 🤢 and the thought of running a further 13 miles was enough to make me want to cry. (I didn’t though).

I just reassessed things and had a think through this last week and my previous long runs. I’ve trained for enough marathons that I know myself and my training well – I’d rather cut this run short than put myself through a punishing 3 hour run which wouldn’t do me any good.

I was running quite comfortably throughout. The miles were ticking away at quite a steady pace, until that 7-8 mile mark, then it dropped a bit. At 9-10 miles in I finally decided I’d make the run up to 12 miles, and with a bit of a downhill home as well, my pace picked up.

I had a gel at 4 and a gel at 10, but afterwards I’d realise that I was dehydrated, with a headache next day. Not ideal!

My legs were sore from the hard interval session the day before, and I wished I’d spread out my training a bit more this week. But the answer wasn’t to kick myself for that, it was to change what I was doing now, and still feel good about it.

I’m pleased with my avg pace 8:37 and HR 151.

I’ve taken the opportunity to look back at my long run training since the start of January, and most of my Long runs have been good. There’s been a steady build up to 20 miles, then a drop back to 16 strong miles last weekend.

Wk52 – 10.5M
Wk1 – 13.1M
Wk2 – 15.3M
Wk3 – 18.2M

Wk4 – 20M
Wk5 – 18.2M – tough from 14M
Wk6 – 16.2M
Wk7 – 12.2M

Now going forward I’m planning the following, with maybe a break in week 10 if I fancy it.

Wk8 – 15-20M 26/2-4/3
Wk9 – 13.1M Inverness Half 5-11/3
Wk10 – 15M 12-18/3
Wk11 – 18-22M 19-25/3

Wk12 – 20M 26/3-1/4
Wk13 – 15-16M 2-8/4
Wk14 – 10M 9-15/4
Wk15 – 26.2M 16-22/4

There’s still 8 weeks to the marathon and I’m pleased with my training and progress. I’ve succeeded in including 2x strength sessions a week, and 2-3 runs a week. Interval sessions are hard, but good. 🙂

This week was only 2 runs, but I had a rest & massage Tuesday, Rest Wednesday and I have stuff on this weekend. I’ll still do Deadlift Strength on Sunday before a kids birthday party.

I’ll recover this weekend, get rid of my dehydration headache and take care of myself. A good tasty all day breakfast did me well today, and we even ended the day having painted the ‘hessian’ bits of the livingroom and landing. 2 more small walls to do.

Here’s what I did last week:

19-25 Feb
Mon: Squat Strength
Tue: Rest & Massage
Wed: Rest
Thu: Intervals 2x (6×400)
Fri: 12.2M run
Sat: Rest (3hrs painting)
Sun: Deadlift Strength

And what I hope to do next week:

26 Feb – 4 March
Mon: 5.2M wi 4M tempo
Tue: Squat Strength (or swap with Wed)
Wed: Rest
Thu: Intervals 1600m/3200m/2x800m
Fri: Deadlift Strength
Sat: 15-20M
Sun: Rest

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2 Responses to 12.2M Southside & Plans

  1. suzymmc says:

    My “long run” this weekend was abandoned this weekend too for similar reasons. This has helped me realise its not the end of the world! Thanks

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