16.2M London Marathon training

This weeks long run went a lot better than last weeks … the difference was simply mindset and maybe the route – last week I expected it to rain heavily (ie crappy run) and it didn’t, but I still expected it to be tough – so it was.

This week I took the pressure off, and just ran. I got myself a route I thought I’d enjoy, some good tunes and reduced my goal from 20 miles to 15. I ended up adding on a bit at the end, up to 16.2 miles. 3 x 5 miles plus 1.2 at the end.

Today my avg HR was the same as last weeks, but my pace was 17 seconds a mile faster at 8:16 min miles. The fastest I’ve run long in a while. So that’s all good.

The slower miles tended to be uphill, the faster ones downhill or in the flat. I felt good throughout.

Looks like I’ve got my mojo back, but next week I need to get my head into my marathon training and speedwork again.

Here’s my plan:

Mon: Squat Strength 4.5
Tue: 2x 6x400m (massage at night)
Wed: Coaching hills at Bella
Thu: 6-8M including 3-4M tempo
Fri: Deadlift & TRX Strength 4.6
Sat: 20-22M
Sun: Rest

I think I’m on track for about 120 miles in February now, all going well.

(And here’s what I managed to do last week – a bit of a wee easy recovery week:

Mon: Squat Strength
Tue: 5k easy wi Lee-Ann
Wed: Deadlift & TRX Strength
Thu: Rest
Fri: 5.4M wi Twinnie
Sat: Rest (2 hr walk)
Sun: 16.2M @8:16 / avg HR 155 ❤️ )

Here’s the full route from today. 👍🏻

Some fun(?) videos are on my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/lornpearsontrains give it a like and a follow. 🤪

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