Last night I woke in an awful sweat… everything was so real. The Garagym has gone up in flames, and the fire had spread into the front garden too. Wrecking all my hard work from the last couple of years. 😦

Poor Foxy was no more, and there were couple of firemen were here dousing the flames and tidying it all up.

Then all of a sudden the two firemen had finished their shifts and a Chinese couple (not too dissimilar to our neighbours) were tending to the scene. The husband dressed in a fireman’s jacket, the wife being a bit annoying and heartless. :-/

Our garagym was gone, our garden was gone, burnt to a cinder.

Then at 4am I woke up in a sweat. I looked out and it was all still there. Phew.

I’ve not been sleeping great this last week – thinking a lot probably about work, being in a new job I want to do well in. Early signs are that I’m doing well, and ta great to get something again that I want to be good at.

I’m not even that bothered when I can’t sleep, I just try all of my tested methods of getting back to sleep. I used to get upset or annoyed, but now I just accept it and try to have better sleep hygiene and hopefully longer sleeps. I know it’s important.

Up early today for breakfast and a wee day out, then 20 miles tomorrow.

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