20 miles all over Glasgow

I moved my long run day to Sunday this weekend, a few appointments and strength training on Saturday, plus a lovely day on Sunday and I decided I’d move it from my usual Saturday morning long run day. I had 20 miles planned, and at 8am when I woke up, I was tempted to put it off. But I didn’t.

I got up and fuelled well, took my time and was out to door just before 1030am. I had a more inspiring route planned out this week compared to last, but it’d mean I’d need to think about the twists and turns, and also meant I got a little lost in the west end, but not for long.

I ran a version of the route below in reverse, running up to the West End / Maryhill locks, before running back down through kelvin grove and over to the Southside. I decided early on I’d split the run into 5×4 miles and take my gels the same as last week – 4 miles, 8 and 14.

I was running on my own, with an audio book for the first half – Ruby Wax, then random music for the second half. I had a few interactions with people along the way…

A mile or so in, I stopped to help a couple who looked lost, but weren’t, they just couldn’t decide which way to go, so I pointed them ‘that way’ – the way I was going, towards Byres Road (not sure if they went that way.)

Then running up Byres Road, I passed a man coming out of the University cafe, with a big takeaway bag of rolls and whatever (I presumed)… and a big glass bottle of irn bru. I said I bet that was going to be tasty.

Just after, going up Highburgh Road, a 3 and a half year old girl was running ahead of me, between her grandma and her older brothers or about 25m or so… and she was running faster than me. Lol 🤪 three and a half! (I spoke to her grandma and commented on how fast she was, seeing me with my water pack on, she replied saying she hadn’t been running as far as I probably had – lol – fair point).

Then about 4 miles in I was at a bit I didn’t know and came to a dead end instead of running up towards the Clyde canal. I realised and went back the way I cane and figured out the right route.

Parks I was running through were busy, and I had to really keep my wits about me … having to avoid, or not run into kids, bikes, adults, dogs…. a couple of times I had to stop dead for dogs, but I didn’t mind that much.

Over to the southside and I ran towards Paisley, again past am area called ‘Halfway’.. halfway between Glasgow and Paisley presumably. Running down towards Ross hall I unintentionally gave a man a fright – he was walking along, in normal clothes, with a bottle of raspberry lucozade (hangover perhaps?) and he jumped out of his skin when I passed him. Lol. Perhaps he thought I was going to steal his lucozade?!

Then my last interaction of the day was near Maxwell Park… around 18 miles in, I was getting a bit tired and just wanted to finish. I was on the left side of the road, on the pavement, and a large 4 wheel drive expensive car was stopped and turning right.

Crossing the junction in front of her (as she was stopped on the other side of the road, I waved at her, and put my thumbs up to thank her. I waved and thumbs up again…

But apparently I misread the situation. She wasn’t being nice, I’d clearly annoyed her that I was putting her out and taking my right if way…she tooted at me angrily and sped up past me. I nearly turned my thumbs up into a two fingers but decided against it. Silly rich… b… 😜 oh well. Never mind.

She didn’t know I was 18 miles into a 20 mile run, and I assumed she was letting a pedestrian cross in front of her. I should probably run with others instead of running on my own. Lol. For the chat instead of me looking for entertainment along the way.

Last week was 2 strength days, 4 run days, 1 Rest day.

Oh, and today was my first day wearing my sunnies! I could have probably worn a couple less layers (3 on top and full length trousers), but I wasn’t too hot or cold. Just right. Maybe shorts or capris next long run…

Today I ran 7 miles in the first hour, and another 7 miles in the next hour. Around 8:30 to 8:40 min miles. My plan said 9:08 min mile target but I was feeling good for most of it and the miles were ticking away nicely.

I felt strong throughout – until about 18 miles when I started to feel a bit tired. My pace dropped, but not so i noticed all that much.

Here’s the stats from today’s run:

20 miles in 2:54:29
Pace: 8:44 min miles
Avg HR 152, Max HR 164
Garmin training effect 4.3
Avg cadence 178

Now here’s a comparison to my other 3 long runs in my training so far…

18.2M, avg pace 9:06,
Avg HR 152, max HR 165
Cadence 177

15.2M, avg pace 8:37,
Avg HR 152, max HR 169
Cadence 179

13.1M, avg pace 8:40,
Avg HR 157, max HR 167
Cadence 178

Check the top 3 average HR, 152 each time! I wasn’t ever looking at my heart rate on my runs, but was roughly aiming to keep the pace below 9 min miles. Hopefully my comfy heart rate (152) will result in faster paces / times in the coming months.

After the run, I had a for goodness shake, a good stretch some water and a shower. Oreo the cat visited… but I don’t think he likes me much. He’d been hanging about for a bit, then when I came along he went away. 😦

I got ready and we went to the west end, where we walked for a bit (my heels were sore, but are ok now)… and I had a baked potato and chilli.

Then we walked about the west end for a bit… up Gardner street of all places (I nearly fainted at the top – lol – only joking)…

We walked a bit around Glasgow Uni, and watched the sun go down, which was very pretty.

39,000 steps, and a nice wee sunny Sunday. 🙂 I should have a good sleep tonight.

Rest day tomorrow then:

Mon: Rest
Tue: 2 x 1200m intervals
Wed: Squat Strength 4.1
Thu: 6M incl 5M Tempo @7:50
Fri: Deadlift Strength 4.2
Sat: 18-20 miles
Sun: Rest

It’s a busy week at work, and I’m aiming to train early in the morning ahead of work.

I think I might ask a friend if they want to run long with me next weekend, to save me talking to random strangers on the run. 😜

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2 Responses to 20 miles all over Glasgow

  1. suzymmc says:

    Looks an amazing route. It’s hard to visualise what 20M looks like but means more seeing the map like that. Love Oreo 😻

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