18.2M long training run

After a wee bit of a time off running in the last couple of weeks (blame the ice, a little lack of motivation and starting a new job)… I’ll be honest and say I wasn’t looking forward to my long run today.

I’d done my first run in 11 days on Thursday and I felt like my fitness had plummeted, but in actual fact – it’s perfectly fine. I was a little bit put off by starting in the dark (at 730am as I had an appointment later), and the weather forecast for rain, but all in all the run went very well.

On my training plan I missed my 17 mile run last weekend, and it said I should do 20 this week. But as I’d done 15 the last time, then had some time out, I figured I’d do it a bit in between at 17-18 miles (if I felt good).

I didn’t pressure myself with a pace target, anywhere between 9 and 9:30 minute miles would be fine. I didn’t even look at pace except for when the mile splits ticked off … I ran by feel (easy) and by heart rate.

I wrapped up warm, with a litre of water in my water pack, and three caffeine gels. The double espresso one was taken first at 4 miles in (125mg caffeine 22g sugar), then lemon at 8 miles in (75mg caffeine, 22g sugar), and a berry one at 14 miles in (75mg / 22g).

I had my normal breakfast which was about 300 cals, then had this SIS caffeine (double espresso) go bar before I left. Another 75mg of caffeine. So I had 350mg if caffeine all in all. Yahoo!

I put my iPod on, and listened to an audiobook – Rise by Sian Williams, about how people can deal with trauma and adversity, rise above it and thrive. It certainly took my mind off the rain, route and the run.

I had put a shout out on my Facebook page last night asking for routes, and I got a few suggestions which I’ll probably use in the future, but for today I decided I’d just run out along the Clyde, and keep going East… it didn’t matter where to… until I got to 8.5 or 9 miles, then I’d turn back and retrace my steps.

I have to say the route wasn’t all that inspiring, but I was just pretty much just set on auto pilot running easy. It rained for maybe the first hour, then eased off. I just needed a route where I didn’t need to think, and one that’s elevation and turns weren’t too challenging … out, back, done!

I had my waterproof jacket on, cap, long leggings and shorts and a couple of layers on my top. It was just right (even though it was a bit warmer today).

I was running along and at 7.5 miles I came across a place called ‘Halfway’ … talking to myself, I said, I’m not half way!… I’ve still got about 1-1.5 miles to go until I’m half way. What a silly name for a place!’ 😜 I eventually got half way… up to 8.5 miles, then to 9 and I decided id go up to 9.1 to make sure I covered 18 miles.

I felt really strong throughout. I split the run down into 3 mile blocks… each of them ticking off nicely at a good even pace which was determined by the hills / flat. I reached a half marathon in just under 2 hours, and kept ploughing through the miles.

In Rutherglen on the way back, I really considered popping in to say hi to my sister and my nieces, but figured it was going so well, and if I stopped it might be hard to get going again, so I kept on running.< a href=”https://lornpearsontrains.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/image41.png”&gt;<<<<
s pretty much flat for the first 4-5 miles, then up hill to 9 miles, and reversed on the way back. I was thinking how strong I felt, it seemed my legs just kept going on and on, my back felt strong, I felt really good, right to to the last mile with the wind in my face running along the Clyde.

It seems the strength training is probably doing my running a lot of good! I didn’t even feel DOMS after all my strength training yesterday where I deadlifted almost by bodyweight and did some tough TRX moves and a finisher – enough to make me feel sick. I’m really pleased with my progress with it.< a href="https://lornpearsontrains.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/image61.jpeg"&gt;<<<<
e run, I thought the wind was in my face on the way out and I was looking forward to it being at my back on the way back, but it seemed to be all around. I still felt strong throughout.

Running home, I rounded up to finish with a last strong half a mile and 0.2 to finish. I picked my cadence up to 180+ for the last half mile and still felt good.< a href="https://lornpearsontrains.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/image37.jpeg"&gt;<<<<
ished dead on the time I guessed I would finish in 2:45… and my average heart rate was 152, so nice and comfy. My heart rate peaked at 165, so not too taxing. And 9:06 min miles, just under the pace my plan had me aim for this week. So all good. 👍🏻

Recovery after was a good stretch, water, a for goodness shake and a shower. And I’ll go for some lunch soon too, a nice big tasty meal to replace the calories burned (but not too big).
lornpearsontrains.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/image52.jpeg”> Feeling pretty awesome now, and hoping my body recovers well after a good long winters day run. Perhaps I’ll go down and collapse into a big heap when the 350mg of caffeine wears off?! 😜

My plan is to keep up with the strength training twice a week and out a real focus on getting back to my running training to build myself up to run the London marathon. Plenty time left, and plenty miles to run.

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