Wk3 into Wk4

Not much running this week, but as the weather heats up a little next week I’ll get back to it.

Here’s what I did this week:

Mon: Squat Strength
Tue: Rest
Wed: Massage / KB + Single Leg Strength
Thu: Rest / PM Run Coaching
Fri: Deadlift Strength
Sat: Rest
Sun: Spin 45 mins 3:2:1 intervals

It started snowing quite heavily at 11am today and there’s quite a bit of it now, but the temps are due to go up to 6 tomorrow and 11 on Tuesday so that should clear the snow. It’s sheet ice outside ours just now, so tomorrow in the gym will be fine.

I plan do to a long run on Tuesday, hopefully in the morning early, and I’ll see if I do my next long run on Saturday or Sunday. I have PT deadlifts on Friday with Ross and we’ll review what’s happening weight wise.

At the moment I’m down 1.3lbs in 3 weeks so it’s been a bit slower loss than I’d hoped, but I’ve reduced my calorie goal so that might help.

I start my new job on Monday, and went in to set up my desk this weekend. 4th floor, on the east side of the building. I’m looking forward to getting stuck in.

I think I’m going to take some leave on the 12th March so I can go up and do the Inverness half marathon, then I’ll have a week off the following week for some sun.

Anyway, here’s my plan next week:

Mon: Squat Strength
Tue: 17M @9:08
Wed: Rest / Intro coaching meeting
Thu: Tempo Run 7M @8:05
Fri: PT Strength
Sat: 20M @9:23
Sun: Rest

Spin today was good and a little different, and if I can’t get out running for whatever reason, I’ll do Spin as an interval session.

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