Wk2 into Wk3

Last week was a good week training wise for me, 3 runs, 2 strength training and 3 rest days, with 2 of those days active recovery with plenty of walking.

I did on average, 16,000 steps a day, and I got a good long 10 hour sleep the night after my long run which I’m sure helped my recovery. Things seems to be settling down nicely. I had no doms on Saturday from my strength training, and just a little bit of tightness in my calves on Sunday from the long run the day before.

Here’s what I did last week:

Mon: Squat Strength
Tue: Rest / 5M Walk
Wed: Rest / 5M Walk
Thu: 7M incl 6M tempo @8:03
Fri: Deadlift Strength + 4.7M easy run
Sat: 15M @8:37 / 152 ❤️
Sun: Rest

I was a bit tired at the start of the week, and the rest from my planned running probably did me good. I missed my interval run (which I thought might happen)… it was meant to be 4x800m with 2 minute intervals. I might do it this week instead.

A good wee easy social run on Friday with my Twinnie fitted in nicely as my third run of the week. I enjoyed my long run on Saturday, but it might be an idea to try and go earlier next weekend if I can.

Progress with my long run this week – it was slightly faster, at a lower heart rate than last week – and crucially, it felt easier – like the speedwork is paying off:

8:40 min miles / 157 vs 8:37 min miles / 152

I’m watching what I’m eating and trying not to be greedy / eat what I want … logging it all on myfitnesspal makes you really think about what you consume. I can clearly eat more on run days and this week I was careful to eat plenty after my long run. I’m making better choices and replacing my usual go to sugary foods with more protein based foods.

I’m showing a calorie deficit all week, and the result is a drop of 1.1lbs in bodyweight in the first 2 weeks of January. I was aiming for 1lb a week so I’ll keep an eye on what’s happening next week. I’m certainly not starving, eating plenty of protein and fibre and cutting out sweets etc.

Wednesday was the only day I went over calories, it was a Rest day so had less calories burned to play with.

Want to learn more about losing weight with strength training, nutrition & exercise? – read Burn the Fat, Feed the muscle, by Tom Venuto

Here’s my plan for next week:

Mon: Squat Strength
Tue: Intervals 1200/1000/800/600/400
(Or 4x800m wi 2 min Rest)
Wed: Rest
Thu: 7M Tempo incl 5M @8:05 / PM Coaching
Fri: Deadlift & TRX Strength
Sat: 17-18M @9:08
Sun: Rest

Depending on the weather I might swap Tuesday for Wednesday… apparently it’s to get really cold on Tuesday… but I’ll see how it goes.

And here’s my strength plan for the next 3 weeks – Monday squat strength, Friday deadlift and TRX strength. I’m going to try and work hard this week with it, now I know all the moves / exercises:

Squat Strength (Mon)

Warm up & Ankle MobilityWarm up Squat 1×5

Pause Squat (2secs) 3×5 35kg / 37kg / 42kg / 42kg
Squats AMRAP 40kg (22) / 42kg / 45kg /45kg

Single Leg Deadlift 10es

Penlay Rows 3×8 30kg / 4×8 36kg / 4×8 38.5kg / 3×8 41kg
Single Leg RDL 3x8es / 4x8es / 4x8es / 3x8es (2×12.5kg)
Press Ups AMRAP 3×15 / 4x… / 4x… / 3x…

Reverse Lunge 10es

Barbell Overhead Weighted Carry 3 mins

Deadlift Strength (Fri)

Warm up & Ankle MobilityWarm up Deadlift 1×5

Pause Deadlift 3×5 46kg / 48.5kg / 51kg / 51kg
Deadlifts AMRAP 51kg (18) / 53.5kg / 56kg / 56kg

Split squats 10es (bodyweight)

TRX Split Squat Jumps 3x8el / 2x12el, 2x10el / 4x12el / 3x12el
Gym Ball Atomic Press Ups 3×8 / 4×10 / 2×12,2×10 / 3×12-15
TRX Inverted Row 3×15 / 4×15 / 4×20 / 3×20

Scorpion 30secs-1 min

KB Swings + Goblet Squats 16kg (timed) 21 / 15 / 9

I start my new job next week, so 1 more week where I am. It’ll be odd to leave a department I’ve been working in for 5 years, but I’m looking forward to what the new role will bring. Excited. 🙂

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