15.2M – wk 2 marathon training

Week 2 Training for the London marathon and my plan had 15 miles at 9:08 minute mile pace. I thought it’d be a welcome relief after pushing it a little on the half marathon last week, to run 8:40 min miles with my avg HR at 157 and max 167.

I planned a challenging but fun route I’ve done before… running from the Clyde… uphill for about 8 miles up to Newton Mearns, then back down hill to the Clyde through the southside of Glasgow.
Here’s the elevation chart… it started to go uphill about 3 miles in and continued to 6, though 7 and again at 8, then once you turn onto the A77, you go downhill more or less all the way.

The run up to 8 is a bit tough, but I just kept my legs ticking over and slowed down a bit on the hills or when it was starting to get hard.
I ran mostly looking at pace on the way up, and it was ticking along under the 9 min mile for the most part until I got to the hills. It was a bit odd today, cyclists and pedestrians kept saying hello to me, and at mile 10 I got tooted at enthusiastically by a white van.

There were lots of road crossings, but many drivers gave me right of way which was odd. Perhaps they saw the determination in my face? 😜< a href=”https://lornpearsontrains.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/img_4804.png”&gt;<<
l in all, today’s long run felt easier than last weeks. Once I started to run down hill, I flicked my garmin to show me heart rate and cadence and I aimed to run with my heart rate around 150 and push my cadence up to 180. I felt like I was flying lol.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee for about 7 miles. Just after Giffnock and before Shawlands about 11 miles in, I noticed that there were lots of people waiting for a bus at all the bus stops I passed. (Strange the things that go through your head when you’re running long…)< a href="https://lornpearsontrains.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/img_4805.png"&gt;<<
I kept running / flying past bus stops full of people, I realised there must be a bus behind me. At one of the first stops I noticed the people waiting for the bus, flagging it down. So the race was on. Bus stop after bus stop I was trying to beat this bus… I couldn’t even see it. I was just running forward and seeing if it’d catch me.< a href="https://lornpearsontrains.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/image12.png"&gt;<<
aw two people I knew, from Work and from a previous Work, and an old man who was chatty in a shop in Shawlands a couple of weeks ago (and he was chatty again).

Then past Shawlands, near Queen’s Park, it pulled up beside me and stopped to let some passengers on. My chance to get away from it. 😜 I ran strongly on and turned left towards Nithsdale Road… I’d beaten it. Cadence up at 180 most of the way.

I ran down towards home, and decided the last mile I’d try and take easy, keeping my cadence up still. I got to 15 miles and decided to add on a last wee 0.2 miles (like I’d do on the day of the marathon) … and walked a bit home.

This weeks long run felt easier, and was faster than last weeks (perhaps helped by the hills?) – 8:37 min mile and 152 avg HR, max 169 (vs 8:40 / 157 / 167 last week). It should have been 9:08, but I’m happy with that. Now today I need to work on my recovery last week I became a bit tired, hungry and grumpy after my long run. 😜 better get eating, hydrating and sleeping. Training going well.

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