7M including 6M tempo

My training plan prescribed 7 miles today, including 5 miles tempo, with the pace at 8:23 or under.

I didn’t manage to get my interval run (4x800m:2min rest) on Tuesday, so I was pretty adamant I’d do this run today, and I’m glad I did. 🙂

But it was due to be cold and foggy. I hate winter, really hate it. 😦 I woke before my alarm about 6am, got ready in my warm running gear and went downstairs to wake up and find a route to run.

I decided I’d run up to Sauchihall street and back down and along the Clyde. That’d be about 7 miles. I ran around the transport Museum and around George Square and I thought that would get it up to 7 miles for sure.

I got 20 minutes in and I was running strong, I started to go into Kelvingrove Park an up the hill, but decided to avoid the hill (and the park in the dark) and ran along Argyll street instead.

My pace was ticking along nicely, around 8 minute miles, then at 20 mins in I stopped to take a breather and refocus – I can do this… (run fast!) … and at 30 mins in I stopped to change my tunes. My legs and hips were cold, not ideal for trying to push it.

Who knew Sauchihall Street is uphill by the way?! (Very gradual.)

It all got a bit easier when I started to go downhill around mile 4. Down the other side of Sauchihall Street and down Buchanan street. 🙂

My pace for the tempo miles were:

8:07, 7:54, 8:20, 8:15, 7:55, 7:47

My heart rate was around 160-165, so working hard but not too hard.

Before I knew it, the first 6 miles were over, and I got to 10k quicker than last week, in 50 minutes (40 secs faster). I finished off with a nice easy 1.2 miles home. This kind of running must be good for you. 😜

I’m not sure that the cold is though! Bbbbrrrrr.

7.2 miles, 59:16, avg HR 156, max HR 165

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