Gift that keeps on giving

You might remember a couple of years ago my nice brother sent me this Georg Jenson elephant money box out of the blue … well since then I’ve been filling it up each year, with £1 coins (no less, no more).

Each time I have a £1 coin or two I drop them in it. But I don’t tend to use cash much (I use Apple Pay a lot or contactless / cards).

Even still, last year I emptied it around January time and got a great haul of over £120 (which went towards buying a new garmin if I remember correctly).

This year I had to empty it mid way through the year and bank the old £1 coins I’d saved, and that got me around £60. I emptied the rest of it this week, and I got £75! Yahoo!

It truly is the gift that keeps on giving. 🙂

I was telling my friend Lesley about it yesterday and she said that’s great, new trainers time?! I have a feeling I might just do that – a new pair for my training for the London Marathon! Just what I ‘need’.

I do only have two pairs I’m running in at the moment, so another pair will be handy. 😉

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