2M tempo + 1M 180 cadence

Today I did my first tempo run of my training for the London marathon. The plan said 2 mile warm up then 2 tempo miles at 7:35 min mile pace, then 2 recovery miles. I ended up tweaking it a little, but I made sure I did the 2 miles tempo.

My mind still isn’t into pace yet, but I’m sure I’ll get there with it.
I left just after 1230 and ran along to the new Transport Museum – (nice and flat along the Clyde). I settled into a nice wee strong pace at the start, it seemed to be a sub 8 minute mile and not too bad. Yahoo. (When 9-9:30 was comfy before).

I switched my watch to pace and decided I wouldn’t look at heart rate until after I’d done the temp miles. Usually HR 160+ is hard for me.
I passed a lot of runners out, and about a mile in I passed a nice colleague of mine, Rob Mclennan. Rob is a great guy and a great runner who runs with the Garscube Harriers I think. He was into marathons ad ultras, but more recently he’s been into short and fast running.

He was ticking along nicely, and after he passed I figured I’d try to catch him and ask if I could join him for a bit. I was a mile in, so I considered this the start of my 2 miles of tempo running. I let him know what I was doing and said I probably wouldn’t be able to talk much (like I like to on runs), and I managed to keep running along with him.

It was his easy pace, and he was chatting away. I let him lead the route and we ran along to the flats in Yoker along the Clyde opposite Govan. We talked a little about heart rate running, and it was then I checked mine, and it was 171.

I wasn’t really thinking about my pace or heart rate, and just pushing it and keeping an eye on the miles.

I got to 1.7 miles into my 2 mile tempo and I said to Rob to go on, but he asked me to stick with him, and I did until I got to the 2 miles. It was hard and horrible and nasty, and I wasn’t sure how I’d done pace wise, but I was glad the 2 miles of tempo was over.
My pace ended up being not far off the 7:35 min mile pace … my heart rate was pretty high though (where it was meant to be).

1 2
Avg Pace 7:41 7:40
Moving Pace 7:36 7:34
Avg HR / % 166 / 91% 173 / 95%
Max HR / % 172 / 94% 176 / 96%

(I need to pick one I think – average pace might be best).

After the 2 mile tempo was up I let Rob go on his way back to work, and I was so relieved the tempo was over. I was tempted to stop and walk, but just eased off on the pace, and switched my garmin screen to HR to see my HR get back to around 150-160.
I ran back along the Clyde in front of the small blue flats, touched a lamppost and started to run back to work. 5 miles in and I started to feel a bit better now.

I decided on my last mile I’d pick my cadence up to 180 (at least) and see what happens. No pace, no heart rate, just fast little feet.

The 6th mile ticked off at around 8:05 average pace and I was feeling strong again. And my watch was showing about 49 minutes. So I decided I’d add a bit on and run around the science centre to finish with a 10k in 50:42. My fastest 10k for a while that’s for sure. 🙂
I’ll use it and my stats as a measure going forward, compared to week 1 marathon training.

All good and I’m glad I was able to push it today. I’m sure it’ll be doing me some good.

My next run is a long run in Saturday – 13.1 miles to start with. Then my long runs will br as follows in miles (as taken from the book above, and tweaked slightly):

13.1, 15, 17, 20
18, 20, 13.1, 18
22, 15, (holiday), 15-20
20-22, 13.1, 10, 26.2

That’ll be around 5-6 x 18-22 mile runs in 15 weeks, and there will be some progressive parts to the runs as well as them being long and slow (8:53-9:23).

The forecast for my long run looks cold on Saturday 1-2’C, hopefully it’s not icy. 😳😡

Oh and to finish off tonight, I had a good coaching session with Amazing Audrey (who is also training to run the London marathon).

We did a 35 minute interval session – 10 min warm up, 3 minute efforts, 3 minute recoveries x 4 with a cool down. Along the Clyde again, in cold rainy conditions, but she did well and worked hard. It’ll also be a good measure for her in the next few months.

That’s me for tonight. Hope you’re all good.

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