Wk52 into 2018 marathon training

Here’s what I’ll have done this week, training wise. 3 runs, 2 strength days and 2 rest days. Easy peasy. I’ve settled into getting my runs and strength sessions done, and am finding it easy to do since I’m setting days as strength days (Mon & Fri usually) and days as run days (Tue, Thu, Sat ideally).

Mon: Christmas Day Rest
Tue: Boxing Day 5.2M Run
Wed: Squat Strength
Thu: 9M run
Fri: Rest
Sat: Deadlift Strength
Sun: 10.5M

I’m enjoying my strength training (as planned by Ross at LeanPT), I’m in month 2 of it, and I’m pleased to have managed two Strength sessions a week for the last 6 weeks. I’m going to continue this block until the middle of January, then I’ll start another 4 week block.

My main exercise I’ve been working on are squats and deadlifts, but I’ve also been working on full body moves like Press Ups, push presses and split leg moves like the Bulgarian split squat, reverse lunges and single leg deadlifts.
I got up to squatting nearly 45kg on Monday, and I’m up to 66kg in deadlifting (for 6 reps). That’s 5kg more than my body weight. I’ll do 4 sets of 6 Deadlifts on Saturday, and will do 4 rounds of the other exercises as below:
Today I ran 9 miles. It took a while for me to get into it… around 5 miles to feel like it was going good. Then I stopped to take a gel and got talking to a woman with a dog. She said it was very icy, which it was a bit, but as long as you were careful it was ok (I thought).

Then she took delight in telling me that her daughter was out running he other day and she fell flat on her ar$e. I said ‘oh don’t say that, next thing I know, I’ll fall’. I didn’t really mean it, but in the next 5 minutes, up the hill which wasn’t icy at all, then over it and back down. I got to just before the Burrell collection and I indeed slipped – my body went left, and my left foot went right.
I landed on my left hip, and clattered my left arm and hand, and I said out loud – ‘there it is’. I had a typical cut on the heel of my hand, and it was stinging and ended up swelling up, but not too bad.

When I fell, I’d managed to stop my garmin by clicking the stop button with my wrist – so at least that was good. 😜 an older lady and a man and toddler were ahead and after I got up and walked towards them they checked if I was ok. I was, and am. Even so, I can hear my Twinnie saying ‘I told you so’ though 😳😳😳 oopsidaisy. (And she’d be right!)
npearsontrains.files.wordpress.com/2017/12/img_4550-2.jpg” class=”size-full wp-image-25283″ height=”1334″ width=”750″>

At least I’m ok and no lasting damage – just a bruised hip (with lots of padding which probably saved me!) bruised and cut hand, and bruised elbow / forearm, apart from that, I’m fine. I’ll save you any bruising pictures.

You can see where it happened in my heart rate graph, just above the 3rd circle in the image above – HR dips, then it shoots up, then it dips again and slowly goes up as I walk for a bit, then get going again.

I probably should have stuck to the road / pavement routes (as they were pretty clear / thawed out) instead of running in the park … but hey ho, the risks of running in winter. Although I had left it a bit later and tried to run where the sun had warmed the ground up. I’ll know better next time.

I’ve checked the weather now, and Friday and Saturday look like white outs and cold… and Sunday is 5’C so hopefully it’ll all be clear by then. So I’ll not run Friday Saturday, and I’ll do my last 10.5 miles on Sunday.

Then next week, I have Mon, Tue, Fri off work and I’m planning the following training (and the start of my marathon training):

Mon: Squat Strength

Tue: 3 x 1 mile : 1 min recovery reps (below)

Wed: Cardio Strength

Thu: 6M Run wi 2M tempo

Fri: 13.1M long run

Sat: Deadlift Strength

Sun: Rest

Getting there with it all / and nursing my sore ar$e for the next couple of rest days. roll on 2018.

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