Time for a new chapter

It’s funny how sometimes when you’re challenged in life, some little signs pop up to tell you things will be ok. (Or at least they do for me).

On Wednesday this week I went for an interview in work, and I was trying not to overthink it. Trying not to let it affect my sleep or stress me out. It was for a role very similar to one I’ve done in the past – but a progression for me and s chance to get involved in an exciting project, maybe a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a difference.

The date of the interview was the 20th of December, and it’d mean that I’d find out if I got it on the 21st December – what would have been my aunt Sheila’s 72nd birthday.

I was up first thing at 930am, and I decided against my usual routine ahead of an interview, I wouldn’t go for a run before it. I’d try to prep a little, relax and do my best.

After the last 2 years with challenges in my personal and professional life, this could become the change I needed. A chance for a new chapter for me next year. Some chapters closed for good and hopefully a new chapter and challenge for me in 2018.

On Wednesday morning before the interview, I went to a safe place in my work, with the teams I’ve supported for the last 5 years, and I went over my notes and updated them a bit – making sure I was as ready as I could be. They’re a great bunch and I’m proud to have worked so closely with them all.

I saw on of my colleagues play a YouTube video for social media and a rainbow graphic came up … and I told a few trusted colleagues about my imminent interview. (I know I probably shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t resist).

Around 10-15 mins before the interview, I went and sat where I was told to, and waited for the interviewer to come and get me. I listened to some of my super tunes on my iPod, and chatted with people who passed. Some noticed I was smarter than usual and commented, some just chatted.

Nerves came and went, and once in the interview I tried to be myself and get across who I am, hopefully why I’m great and why I’d be ideal in the role. I’ve been on the other side of the panel and I know they’d want me to do my best.

The interview seemed to go well, and I’d hear by the following day.

I managed to get a good sleep with an early night that I really needed after a few nights of broken sleep thinking about the job and the interview.

I’m sometimes on the other side of the panel in work, interviewing people for jobs, so I know what to expect, but it’s still a little nerve wracking. When I’m interviewing, I like to hear people’s stories, their journeys, and I like to get the best from them in what can be a challenging situation.

I slept ok and woke without an alarm at 5am, so decided I’d go an early morning run. 10 miles around a lot of the landmarks in Glasgow…

– the BBC, the Transport Museum, the old transport Museum, Kelvingrove Museum, up to Sauchihall Street, around the Donald Dewar statue… around George Square, then I got a bit hungry an hour in and stopped for a chocolate donut at Tim Horton’s then I ran through the smartie tube… around the armadillo and then the science centre.

10 miles in just over an hour and a half.

Back to the job – after the run, I went into work and waited for the phone call. A few people seemed to know already, and at about 930 I checked my phone to see if missed a call from the interviewer. Good news I hoped.

Not long after, I got the call confirming I got the job. Brilliant. I was so chuffed. I told a couple of people, Fit Girl, my Dad, my boss, a good friend or two. Then I sat back and digested it. It’s all a bit overwhelming to be honest.

After the last two years, and then on what would have been my aunt’s birthday, I got the news of been waiting for. I got the job! (And today is my first nieces birthday too!)

After 10 years at BBC Scotland, next month I’ll be the Business Co-ordinator in the newsroom, looking after staffing and helping staff and management with what they need, along with supporting the new channel which will be delivered next year.

I’m well chuffed and I have a feeling my Granny would be too. 😉

I was asked not to say anything publicly until today, 22nd Dec. It’ll be a new challenge to get my teeth into. A whole new group of people and programmes to get to know, and do my best to help and make a difference to. And a new desk too, up on the 4th floor in News at BBC Scotland. I’ll start around the 22nd January.

I can’t wait. 🙂 roll on 2018!

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