100M in December…plan

Work and life (and ice last week) has been taking over a bit in December, and as a result I’m a bit behind in my 100 mile goal… but I can still make it.

46.3 as at 20th December… about two thirds of the way through the month.

10 miles this morning and 10k coaching tonight should help a lot. I’ll need to make sure I fuel and hydrate well so that I’m not a waste of space later on. Lol.

Anyway, here’s the plan for my 100 miles in December …

21 10 + 6.2 = 62.5 run / 37.5 to go
22 Strength / 4
23 8
24 6
25 Rest
26 Rest 80.5 run / 19.5 to go
27 5 Strength
28 5
29 Rest
30 10 (or split between 30 + 31)
31 Strength

Is my maths right??

Now I just need to do it!

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