Wk50 into Wk51

This last week I’ve not run much… partly to do with the ice, and partly to take some rest and recovery. The week before I’d run 26.2 miles over 3 run days, and had done 2 strength sessions. By the time Sunday came I was well tired.

This week, I did strength on Monday, then a lunchtime run on Tuesday, followed by some coaching (strength) in the evening. And then I took Wednesday as Rest, Thursday my second Strength session, then rest Friday Saturday.

I could have maybe run on Friday or Saturday, but it was really icy so I decided there was no point and Rest would be better.

Today I cycled for 15 mins to drop my hike off to a friend, then ran 8 mile home along the Kelvin River, then along Sauchihall Street, Buchanan Street and along the Clyde home.

2 runs, 2 strength, plenty walking, 3 rest days. Just what I needed I think.

Mon: PT Strength
Tue: 3.7M run / coaching PM
Wed: Rest
Thu: Strength (PM)
Fri: Rest
Sat: Rest
Sun: 8M run

It means I’m a little behind in my 100 mile goal, but I should still make it. 44.9 miles completed, 58% of the way through the month.

Here’s the plan for the next 2 weeks:

Mon: PT Strength
Tue: 8M run
Wed: 7M run
Thu: Strength / Coaching 6.2M
Fri: 7M run
Sat: Rest
Sun: Strength

(28.2M + 44.9M = 73.1M)

Mon: Rest (Christmas Day)
Tue: Rest
Wed: 13.1M
Thu: Strength
Fri: Rest
Sat: 7.8M
Sun: 6M

That should do it. I’m off a few days over Christmas so, there’s no excuses not to run.

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