December 100 miles

When it’s my work night out for Christmas, I usually run in the morning so that (in my head) I’ve run off the calories I’m about to consume for dinner.

Last night and today is really icy though… I had my gear out ready to go this morning, but 3’C and icy made me decide not to run.

But look at the weather forecast for next week… it warms up and peaks at a tropical 11’C! So my plan is to take this week as a recovery week (I was properly gubbed on Sunday after a heavy training week)… and so far this week I’ve done 2 strength sessions and a run.

I’m nearly half way through the month and I’ve only done 36.9 miles, so I’ll run on Saturday and Sunday, and hopefully 3-5 days next week (Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat).

One more week of work left, then I’m on leave so I can run any day the following week. (I’ll probably do 5 days running again).

63.1 miles to go, around 15 days / 2.5 weeks to do it in. 26 miles a week roughly… I can do that.

💯 mile 🎯

Hopefully I should be able to catch up and get my 100 miles for the month and 1200 for the year!

Now, I wonder what I’ll have for my Christmas lunch today??

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