Bodyweight session with Pam

Tonight was a first coaching session with Pam who is injured and unable to run, is seeing a physio to help with the injury, and she’s come to me to do some body weight strength work, to be accountable and to be more frequent in her training.

Tonight we did a warm up, then I took her through bodyweight circuit 1, then bodyweight circuit 2, before she went through circuit 1 again, before a cool down.

She’s promised she’ll do her physio exercises daily to see if she can work toward getting rid of her injury, and get herself fit and strong to hopefully get back to running events in 2018. And she’ll email me weekly to let me know how she’s getting on (and for accountability).

She’ll mix bodyweight work, with bike work, and walking and physio to build her strength up and hopefully get rid of her injury.

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