Wk49 into Wk50

Last week I ran a marathon … ha ha … well, I ran 26.2 miles across 3 days / 4 runs sort of. I did 2 Strength sessions, Monday and Friday and I had 2 rest days.

Mon: Deadlift Strength (61kg Deadlifts)
Tue: Rest
Wed: AM 6.2M + 3.3M Walking in the day PM 3.5M run coaching session Thu: PM 6.2M run coaching session
Fri: Squat Strength (42kg Squats)
Sat: 10.3M incl Parkrun
Sun: Rest

33.2M for the month, and that’s just on target for my 100 miles a month. My new garmin vivosmart now automatically tracks any walks I do which are over 5 minutes long, and it recorded nearly 9 miles of walking, to work and into town and back on Wednesday.

I did an average of nearly 15,000 steps a day, and 23 floors. My sleep could be better (again) – I keep waking up at 2-3am which is very annoying. I’m sure it’ll get better.

My runs included a coaching session on Wednesday night, an early 10k on my own and lots of runs on Saturday totalling 10.3 miles. And another coaching session 10k in the southside. Its good being able to help and motivate people. 🙂

With my strength training, Ross my PT suggested I increase the load this week in my last week of my 4 week training plan – up to 5×5 heavy lifts on the Deadlift and squats.

See more about Ross (Jackson) here: http://www.leanmachinept.co.uk

Monday was 61kg deadlifts, my bodyweight, and I felt that the next day. As I did for 42kg 5×5 of Squats on Friday – day 2 DOMS in my legs is most definitely here. Ouch. Recovery required today and I need some quality sleep to help my body repair. It’s not debilitating, and still ok, but something to remember.

My aim with strength training is to get stronger and get into the gym to strength train twice a week, but not be sore from it to impact my running.

The results are in and here the difference in body measurements in 4 weeks of strength training twice a week:

Looks like I’m up about 1lb,
… but down body fat from 14.8% on my scales to 14.1%… (athlete mode!) 19.8lbs body fat at the start, 114lbs other (lbm etc)….
to now… 19lbs body fat, 115.9 lbs other ….
-0.9% body fat, +1.9lbs lbm/other.

I can’t imagine there will be much difference in my taped body measurements, but we’ll see tomorrow.

I’m seeing him again on Monday and next Monday, for a refreshed plan for the next 4 weeks. The build into it has helped me not be sore when running, but still gain strength, and although tough, I’ve enjoyed the single leg deadlifts and Bulgarian split squats.

Here’s my plan for next week:

Mon: AM Strength PT & PM Coaching
Tue: 5k easy
Wed: 6M
Thu: 8M
Fri: Strength (work Christmas lunch!)
Sat: 9M
Sun: Rest

61.1M (58%) for the month by next Sunday the 17th.

I’m all ready for Christmas, and today I’m hopefully going to lay a layer of flooring in the Garagym and spend some time with the other half. No santa dash for me, maybe next year.

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