Windy Storm Caroline

My brother in Wick has this rather simple rule about running… he looks at the BBC weather app and if the arrows are black, he tends not to run… (as he might end up being blown backwards, or into the sea!)

Now, tomorrow Storm Caroline is coming, and in Glasgow we have black arrows – peaking at 51 mph winds. Then it’s forecast to all calm down (apparently). 

Tonight my brother text me and said he might not run tomorrow… look!! No wonder!! 79mph! Schools are closing and everything! 

So the North East is going to get battered but I’m sure they’ll handle it well. They’re used to it after all. Maybe best not to run eh?

Even Stornaway isn’t as windy as Wick!

If you do go out tomorrow, as the lovely Sandra Beattie said the other day, ‘hold onto your hat!’ 😜

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