How to just do it…

I didn’t run this morning as planned. I woke through the night again and had a disturbed sleep for a few hours, and when my alarm went off at 615am, I decided I’d be better off lying in getting another hour of sleep than going running. 

I knew the run would make me feel good, but I had a training course all day, and decided I might be better off with a rest day and some focus on the training. 

The training was ‘Personal Effectiveness’ – about how you can play to your strengths, set goals, take action and achieve. How to manage your time better. How you can be in control or influence, and a bit about getting out of your comfort zone into a learning zone (but not a panic zone). 

A bit about how time flies when you’re doing something that energises you, and how it’s important to recharge your energy. About being accountable, taking responsibility for your life, your choices and your career. 

I naturally relate a lot of goal setting, resilience and mental strength to running. Running can be a metaphor for life, and it’s helped me to learn a lot about myself and what I’m capable of achieving. 

I’m comfortable that I didn’t run today, and it was probably a good thing to take a rest day, but I need to be motivated to run first thing tomorrow morning. The rest will have done me good, and the next 2 days will be Run and work days, then strength and work on Friday. 
So how will I do it? How will I be motivated to get up early and run tomorrow?

  • I’ve planned a new route – 9.5 miles, which will take his under an hour and a half. (Below)
  • I’ll need to set my alarm for 6:00am and be out the door by 6:25am (get dressed, wake up properly etc)
  • I’ve laid my running gear out in another room so I get straight into it without thinking or disturbing anyone else first thing. (And gadgets)
  • I’ve checked the weather and it doesn’t look nice, so I’ll wrap up well and just get out and run (cap on etc)
  • I’m going to get an early night and hopefully get some good sleep / 8-9hrs
  • I’ve put it on here that I’m going to run… so I’m aiming to be accountable (to you!)
  • I know that the 9.5 miles tomorrow morning and coaching tomorrow night will get my 100 mile target back on track for December. 
  • I know I’ve had a rest day today, and the run tomorrow will do me good and help me to feel good / sleep well tomorrow. 

I’m off for an early night – wish me luck. 🙂

Ps: I have DOMS in my fingers / hands today from deadlifting 61kg / 5×5 lol. Never had that before! 

Pps: How do you keep yourself motivated to do what you’ve planned?

Ppps: I better do it tomorrow now, eh?! 😳

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