Wk48 into Wk49

Last week was a good week training wise – 3 longish runs, 2 strength sessions, 1 long walk day with 2 rest days. I could have probably run more often but I took a rest day on Wednesday, and probably needed it.

Here’s what I did:

Sun before: 11.5M hills

Mon: PT Deadlift Strength

Tue: 8M run 

Wed: Rest

Thu: 10.1M run 

Fri: Strength

Sat: Rest (1 hr walk with Dad)

Sun: 7M run 

My sleep could have been better last week, and I’ll make an effort to get more sleep next week. 

I completed my 100 mile target for running in November (just)… remind me to keep on top of it in December! I don’t want to be catching up again like I had to in November. Weekends off running can put the target off a bit, and I’ve found it’s better to run first thing in the weekend – Saturday morning ideally – get it out of the way. 

It’s probably not clever to run long runs the day (or even the night!) before strength sessions, and I must admit I am feeling it a little in my legs – but not so it’s affecting my running. 

I can feel that I’m strength training as well as running, but doing strength twice a week with the plan Ross has given me seems to be working. Feeling stronger and I’m totally motivated to get into the Garagym which is good. Getting early nights before it if I can, and up early and in the gym for about 630. It’s a bit chilly in there, but the heater helps, as do layers. 😉

This week I plan to hopefully get the TV working, syncing to my phone to mirror the screen. Either via HDMI or by a chrome cast. 

And my plan this week is:

Mon: Deadlift Strength & Complex

Tue: 7M

Wed: 3.5M coaching

Thu: 6.2M coaching 

Fri: Squat Strength

Sat: 12-15M incl Victoria Park Parkrun

Sun: Rest

That should get me up to about 35-38 miles and on target for my 100 miles in December. I might do a wee extra run on Wednesday morning if I’m up for it.

I leave you with a nice fiery sky from tonight on the way down the road. Stunning pink sky – I seemed to be chasing it South as I drove down the road from my Dad’s. 🙂

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