7 miles in Stonehaven

I took a day off on Friday to go and spend some time with my Dad in Stonehaven. We had a nice time: homemade soup, pizza, ice cream, out for dinner for a fillet steak… and many many of my Dad’s stories (which I love). Catching up and appreciating each other. 

On Saturday we went out for a nice walk along the front and back. Just over an hour, to get the blood pumping and earn the steak. He wanted to take a photo of the tree above, simply because he liked it. Fair enough. 

Then this morning, just after sunrise I decided I’d go a run. Not knowing the area too well I’d been on my ‘walk jog run’ app and found this route I thight I could do. I’d run out to Dunnotar Castle before but got a bit stuck when I needed to run back down the main road. So this route looked ideal through Dunnotar Forrest after running past the castle. 

I left just before 9am after a good sleep. And ran along as the sun rose. 

Along past the harbour and up a steep hill towards the path to the castle. 

The sun strong in my face, it’s times like this it makes me feel so very grateful to be able to run as far or as long as I want to. I can’t imagine life without running. I’m so grateful to be healthy and fit. 

This week I noticed a friend on Facebook / colleague from a previous work place) had just completed her journey on a zero to 5k app. (Well done Lynsey!) I’m full of admiration for her for starting with it and sticking with it. Hopefully it’ll be the start of her being a runner like me, who knows where it’ll take her. 

I got to a point on today’s run, where I got a little lost. About 5 miles in, i sort of knew where I was, and walk jog run helped, but what was nice was I knew that if the Run lasted 7 miles or 12, I knew I could keep going. There’s something sweet about that. 

I went along some back roads and eventually came across Dunnotar Woods and had a nice run in there. I also saw geese flying north in a V shape, 7 miles it just over an hour in total. 

Then home for breakfast of scrambled eggs on toast with my Dad, and a selfie or two for fun. 

I stopped at this bit and took the sunrise over the castle in. 🙂 Back to work tomorrow. Dire Straits on the drive home to remind me of my Dad and more fun times with him. 

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