Three things…

There’s this person in my work – she knows who she is – and probably a lot of other people know who she is too.

She’s so genuine and nice, and smiley, happy, enthusiastic and positive. Let’s call her Little Miss Cheery.

I always feel energised after I speak with her. She seems to be having a good life and her positivity is infectious. I can honestly say I’ve never met anyone like her in my life before. She’s unique, down to earth and does her own thing, she never judges, and is always full of encouragement, wit and charm.

I met her the other day and had a brief chat with her – and I thought to myself – I should be more like that… I need to be more me. More what I used to be like – more like what I was known for. Full of beans, full of smiles and confidence. Full of positivity, empathy and friendliness.

So many people are the opposite of this – negative and draining – and I think you don’t notice the drains as much, until you meet radiators like Little Miss Cheery.

We hadn’t seen each other for ages and it was a brief chat so she said – ‘what’s your three things?’ We quickly summarised our three main things we’d both been up to – quick catch up – full of energy and fun. 🙂

In the book Chimp Paradox, Steve Peters talks about how it’s good to have a Life Force – a reason for being. It’s your reference point and along with your values it can help you to live a rewarding and fulfilling life.

Now using Little Miss Cheery as an inspiration – and her three things as a guide – here’s three simple things I want to do – three things which make up ‘my life force’ … they’ll be my ‘go to’ in life – who I am.. who I want to be:

1. Help people and make a difference.
2. Enjoy life and people.
3. Be the sunshine.

Three is an easy number, not too many to remember or focus on. Very simple – I’ll get back to having these things at the core of who I am. Now that the storms are over, let the sun shine in.

And I have other sub-threes too, to keep me on track with my goals …


1. 100 miles running each month
2. Strength training / PT
3. Coaching / helping others


1. Regular exercise / having fun
2. Rest, sleep and recovery
3. Eating well

What are your three things – and do you have any sub-three things?

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