Wk45 into Wk46

A week of many many rainbows (I think I saw about 15)… I did 2 runs, 2 strength workouts and had 3 rest days. I walked 5 miles ish on Wednesday, and had the weekend off running – I did Christmas shopping instead and got some good and needed sleeps instead. Not much running at all.

The rainbows are significant as things are nearly getting wrapped up with my Mum’s estate – 2 years in and it’ll nearly be all over – I can’t wait. It’s been a long time coming. Each rainbow I see reminds me of my Granny, and my promise to her to make her proud… it keeps me going and they masks me smile (and cry sometimes!)

This was my first week of 2 strength workouts and they went well. PT with Ross on Monday and I felt good after it. Fridays workout felt easy, but I was a little sore after it so it was probably just right – which is good.
I’ll post the workouts soon – it’s a 4 week cycle to start off with, 2 strength workouts a week (Mon & Fri) and another one (Wednesday) if I’m up for it.
Here’s what I did last week:

Mon: PT Strength
Tue: 5.1M lunchtime run
Wed: Rest / 5M walk
Thu: 3.3M early morning run
Fri: Squat Strength
Sat: Rest
Sun: Rest

I’m at 54.6 miles for November, and I’m going slip behind my 100 mile target after this weekend of no running / last week if hardly any running. It’s ok though, I can still catch up to make 100 for the month.

Here’s my plan for next week:

Mon: Deadlift Strength / 4M lunchtime run
Tue: PM 5M run coach
Wed: 6-8M early Run
Thu: 4-6M early Run
Fri: Squat Strength
Sat: Rest
Sun: 10M Run Coach

29-33 miles for the week… or 83-87 miles and it’ll leave me 4 days to get to 100 miles. I need to get out running though!

I’ll leave you with this… I had a really tasty and healthy sea bass with veg and baby potatoes for lunch today. It was well tasty… I’d been so good I figured I could treat myself to this sundae. 😳 better get running next week after all!

Finally here’s another one of last weeks rainbows (from Lily’s social media feed). Storms and rainbows. Hopefully the storms will be over soon.

Have a good week next week everyone.

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