New garmin vivosmart 3

I’ve had my garmin vivosmart (edition 1) for just over 2 years. I use it mainly for steps and sleep tracking (along with my Apple Watch during the day, and my garmin 735 for my running training).

The vivosmart is a pretty understated device I think, with a dark screen (ie it’s a black band) until you activate the screen. My screen on it was fading for a while and I decided I’d get a new one – it arrived today. 🙂

The vivosmart 3 is a much more advanced model than the one I had – it track heart rate, including resting and all day heart rate, shows you a ‘stress score’, records sleep and activity automatically, and has a strength workout option that counts reps and rest which I think will come in handy.

It’ll be interesting to see how the stress score turns out… it also has a breathe page I think too, but I’m still to find that (and I can easily use my Apple Watch for that if I need it).

In my experience the garmin does steps and sleep better than the Apple Watch, and I’m still invested in garmin, hence the two devices. (three if we include my running garmin).

It also has an updated alarm function where you can set up to 8 alarms and create custom alarms for set days. I’ll use this to get up earlier on a Monday and Friday for strength and later on other days (I charge my phone and watch downstairs during the night, so I use the vivosmart to wake me up).

I bought it from Currys for £95, but not before I traded in some RBS awards to get a £50 vouchers for Currys (for £45 of rewards)… and I paid £45 for it in the end. 🙂 I got the small black one.

You can see more about the device here: or google ‘DC Rainmaker vivosmart 3’ for a comprehensive review.

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