To get to 100 miles in November

31 days into November and I’m slightly ahead of my 100 mile target for November. I’m adding in strength training and PT with Ross… and I want to be able to do my running alongside this…so I’m planning in my runs, strength and rest days so that I can still achieve my 100 mile target for November.

I’m 46.2 miles in, and 43% of the way through the month. This last week, my mileage was just over 25 miles, my sleep was ok (but I did wake a few nights in the week – see pink bits), and my steps averaged 14k a day.

 4 runs, 2 strength session and 1 day Rest (Saturday). I went pretty much to plan.

I have no more events planned this year, but I am maybe going to be away at the start of December, but will do a strength session before I go and run whilst I’m away.

Here’s my plan for training for the rest of November:

12th November: 46.2 miles Run / 43%

Mon 13: PT Strength 1Tue: 5.1M run
Wed: Rest / Edinburgh
Thu: 4M run
Fri: Strength 2
Sat: Rest
Sun: 8M run

66% (63.3M)

Mon 20: AM Strength 3 / PM Coaching 4M (SK)Tue: Coaching 5M (AD)
Wed: 4.3M run
Thu: 6M easy run
Fri: Strength 4
Sat: Rest
Sun: 9M run

90% (93.6M)

Mon 27: PT Strength 2 (5)Tue: 3.1M run
Wed: Rest
Thu 30: 5.3M run
Fri: Strength 6
Sat: 6M run
Sun: Rest

There might be a few more coaching sessions in November with Jo or Louise or Audrey, but I’ll be able to incorporate these in.

So it’s hopefully looking good for me doing 100 miles in November, then just 1 month left to do 100 for 1200 miles / 100 miles a month on average, in 2017. 💯 mile 🎯

Oh and I’ll probably do over 4.7 million steps in 2017. 🙂

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