Jimmy Irvine 10k 2017

Today I ran the Jimmy Irvine 10k, for the fourth time – and today it was a beautiful sunny day did it. It’s a nice wee local club run organised by the Bellahouston Road Runners. It takes place in Bellahouston Park and is just 2 miles from my house. 

It was created to honour Jimmy Irvine (who I was lucky enough to meet and chat to today). He apparently set up the roadrunners to get a competitive edge between some of the Glasgow running clubs decades ago. I had a good chat with him. 

He’s 82 now and when I asked him what his PB for a 10k was, he said it used to be 6 milers and his PB was 31 mins. Here’s me before I left for the run. Purple and yellow is becoming a race theme for me. 

I’ve run the event once with Kaizen Run club 2012, two times as a pacer (2013 for Janice, 2015 for one of Janice’s Joggers) then for myself for the first time today. Today the weather was good – a bit cold and with a little of a wind, but it was sunny and clear. 

Joanne was running it too and I met her before the start. I saw many club runners i know – including Bella Harriers Steph, Cris and Paul, and Anne Williamson and Bryan Burnett. Cris was 9th male and first V40, Paul did it in 37 and Bryan in 45 I think. 

I kept my watch set on pace and ignored my heart rate (like I did for the great Scottish Run). It turns out my average was 165, so I didn’t push it too much. Max 178. I was sort of thinking if I could do 8 min miles that’d be good, so I’m pleased with 7:38s. See my hr vs splits. 

I felt a bit like I did the first mile a bit fast, then settled into the run up to half way. I kept it steady to about 9k then tried to give everything I had for the last bit which was a little bit down hill. 

They’ve changed the route this year, and apart from a couple of tight turns, I thought it was ok. You pass other runners a lot, and at one point I saw joanne. I stupidly cheered her on by saying ‘go on Audrey!!’ Then realised, laughed at myself and cheered on the right name! (I must be so used to shouting Audrey on, and my brain wasn’t working due to running fast! Sorry Jo!). Jo was 50th woman in her age group, coming in just after 56 mins. 

I finished in 47:19 on my watch, and was 37th woman out of 210 (top 18%). I’m certainly not the fastest, but I was pleased with my effort / time. My splits were pretty steady and I felt strong up to the end. 

More stats, it was my 7th fastest 10k, and just 36 seconds slower than my 10k at the women’s 10k in June this year. My cadence was faster today (183 vs 178) and my heart rate was apparently lower (164 vs 169 – but it didn’t feel like it.) 

Back to today and I had a good wee bit of banter with a an older guy (again! – a 74 yr old called Bobby). He was dressed all in black except for his pink and yellow Nike trainers. At about 6k I told him I liked his trainers and he joked that he was going to return them as they didn’t make him go fast. 🤣

He went ahead of me and I finally caught him at 8k. I told him I’d been dying to catch up with him, and he said ‘come on then!’ And sprinted away lol. At 9k it was more or less downhill to the finish and I decided I’d give it all I had left. 

I didn’t notice until right at the end but I caught up with Bobby, and let him finish ahead of me. A nice wee run on a nice day, but boy, running fast is hard. 😜

At the end, I saw Bryan talking to an older gentleman and his wife. Then Paul talked to them too, and I realised it must be Jimmy Irvine himself (which Paul confirmed). I shook Jimmy’s hand and said I was pleased to meet him and had a good wee chat with him. If I were him I’d be very proud of the legacy he’s left behind him. 

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