October into November…

I’ve not been posting my weekly activity or plans and will pick this up again in November, but here’s a tracker of what I’ve done and what I plan to do.

I’ve been taking some time out to rest, Be well and spend time with important people, and I’ve still been exercising (and resting) regularly.

I’ve been achieving my goal of running 100 miles a month, and in October I was in the Garagym once a week building with high intensity bodyweight work. I had hoped to do 2 a week, but it wasn’t to be. It will be from now on.

I’m going to continue with running my 100 miles a month, and will build my strength work to be more weighted work. I’ll go into that a bit later… here is what I’ve been doing:

Wc 23 October
Mon: 8M run
Tue: Rest
Wed: 13.5M & HIIT strength
Thu: Rest
Fri: 8M run
Sat: Rest
Sun: 5k event Moira’s Run

91.4 miles, 2 days to go…

Wc 30 Oct
Mon: HIIT & Full body strength

Tue: 8.6M run – 100 miles in October!

Wed: HIIT & Runner Strength
Thu: 8.5M run wi Ewen (Wick)
Fri: 6.4M run wi Ewen (Wick)
Sat: 6M run wi Grant (Wick) & Travel
Sun: Rest & Travel

Wc 6 Nov
Mon: HIIT & Strength Lower
Tue: 11.5M Run 
Wed: AM HIIT & PM Run Coach 5k
Thu: 5M Run incl tempo 3M
Fri: HIIT & Strength Upper
Sat: Rest
Sun 12th: 10k event – Jimmy Irvine 10k

43.6 miles / 40% of the month

Wc 13 Nov
Mon: PT Strength fortnightly (or Strength)
Tue: Run
Wed: Run 5k TT (Or HIIT / KB Strength)
Thu: Run
Fri: Strength
Sat: Run
Sun 19th: Rest

Then repeat that pattern in November & December with a weekly goal of:

– 2-3 strength sessions a week (3rd one HIIT & other strength)
– 1-2 rest days a week (1x weekend day / 1 Wed)
– 3-4 runs a week (100 miles a month)
– getting 8-9 hrs sleep a night.

I’m want to be able to combine strength work with running without being too sore, and I have a plan for it,..

The next part of my plan is to get some motivation and a strength work plan from a Personal Trainer… November through til February – get me into the Garagym more!

I worked with Ross Jackson a few years ago and I’ve signed up with him for a strength plan and two PT sessions a month. I’ll do the rest in Foxy’s Garagym.

I start with him on Monday 13th November. I’m waiting on my plan from him, but I had a good initial chat with him and I’m looking forward to getting started. 🙂

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