Moira’s 5k 2017

I was up early today, (well not so early as the clocks went back), to go and take part in the Moira Jones 5k in Queens Park. It’s a very local event and for such a very good cause that I can’t believe I haven’t signed up for it and done it before now.

It was pretty reasonable to enter (£12.50) and I paid a £10 donation to the Moira Fund too.

I met some of the ladies I coach there – Audrey, Joanne and Louise and Lisa, and there were many Bellahouston Harriers (my favourite glasgow running club) there too – about 300 runners in total.

A nice and simple route, two loops, but very hilly. I decided I’d run with one or two of the girls, and ended up running with Joanne all of the way, and Louise half of the way.

(Here’s Audrey finishing strong, smiling and looking good as usual). 

It was a lovely sunny morning, excellent tuning weather, cold but not too cold. You start up the hill at the glasshouse, then go down hill, and up and down and up. A bit of a rest from the hills at the pond a hill, and another flat stretch, before a final swooping hill up to the finish. Then you do it all again as a second loop.

Joanne and I did the run in about 30 minutes… she was chatting through the first half, then not so much on the second half. 🙂 Lisa came in just before us and Audrey and Louise not long after us.

You even got a nice medal!

Moira Jones was killed in the park 9 years ago and it always struck me that it could have been anyone it happened to – you, me, it just so happened it was Moira. Her parents have set up Moira’s Fund to raise money, and the Run is an annual event. Her mum spoke at the start, and she handed everyone their goody bags when they finished.

See more about the Fund here:

Donate here:

A nice wee event anyway, and one I’ll be back to next year hopefully. 🙂

It was a bit odd doing a 5k as they’re so short, but maybe I’ll just do a few more of them to challenge my speed running a bit more.

Click the link above if you’d like to donate to the Fund.

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