10 months of running 100 miles a month

As you probably know, I’ve challenged myself to run 100 miles a month this year, and made it an average goal for the months of July and September when I went way ahead of target in July (123 miles) and was on holiday in September (77).

I’m on target for October and no doubt will do it in November and December, and my annual mileage graph will be a straight line with a couple of blips in it.

I was looking at my weight and body composition and how it’s changed over the last 10 months too. I began strength training a little bit in June into July, then work took over in August, holiday in September and I’ve done it once a week in October.

I’m going to make an effort to really get back into it over winter, and get into and use my Garagym.

Anyway, here’s my progress:

   2 Jan         3 May          27 Oct
137.8lbs      132lbs         133.4lbs.    -4.4lbs
15.8% bfat  14.5%          13.9%         -1.9%
21.8lbs fat   19.1lbs fat 18.5lbs fat  -3.3lbs
80.5% lbm   81.8% lbm 82.4% lbm -2.1%
116lbs lbm 112.9lbm 114.9lbm       -1.1lbs lbm

My body measurements are similar, except for my hips and waist (clearly where I hold my weight!)…

                2 Jan    27 Oct
Calf         36cm    35cm
Thigh      59cm    58cm
Hips       100cm   98cm
Waist       84cm   76cm
Chest        86cm  86cm
Arm          30cm  30cm

My measurements were taken in January after 3 months of not much running / letting my feet recover from lots of running.

Now I’m 4.4lbs down, 3.3lbs of fat gone… 2cm off my hips and 8cm off my waist. I can certainly feel less belly annoying me now. 😉

I feel good right now and I’m looking forward to spending more time in the gym, whilst ticking away with my 100 mile running target.

Oh and whilst I’m on about my garagym… I thought I’d better share this with you… I got my banner of a forrest delivered the other day… bringing the outside in (sort of!)

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2 Responses to 10 months of running 100 miles a month

  1. santababy100 says:

    Love that banner it really does bring the outside in! Your waist must be tiny now, well done

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