Moira’s 5k run entered

Last night I entered Moira’s Run, a 5k run around Queen’s Park in Glasgow. It’s been a regular annual event, and I decide this year would be a good year to sign up. A very local run, and in aid of a good charity too.

Almost 10 years ago Moira Jones was murdered in Queen’s Park and her parents set up the run in her memory (see more here:

It was so close to home (I run around there regularly) there’s this horrible thought that it could have happened to anyone I know, so I think it’s important to remember Moira and support her fund.

I signed up and donated an extra tenner to the fund. I hear the route is quite hilly, but in my head I’m thinking, all the downhills will be magic and all of the uphills will be flat. 😜

And not only that, me and three of the people I coach (Audrey, Lisa and Joanne) are doing it. So it’ll be good to see them all. Maybe start or run together. 

It’s in the 29th October and you can sign up here if you want:

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