Wk40 into Wk41

Last week after the half marathon I took plenty rest and recovery and put my focus elsewhere for a bit before getting back running today. I had a good run, running along through 4 parks – Festival, Bella, Pollok, Maxwell (I think Maxwell is my favourite maybe).

The two weeks off on holiday with about 10 days not running has left me feeling my fitness has dropped, and every time I run long I seem to have sore legs and back after.

Just shows you what running consistently does for you. Builds up your body so you get used to the effort you put it through. I need to get back there with consistent training in the next few weeks.

Here’s what I did last week anyway:

Mon: Rest & Recovery
Tue: Rest & Massage
Wed: Rest
Thu: 4.3M run
Fri: Rest
Sat: 11M Run
Sun: HIIT strength

The massage was good on Tuesday. I went in saying only my shoulders were sore and it turned out just about everything was sore.

Another thing I need to fix is my sleep. It’s not been great. :-S I’ll not go on about it, but I need to sort it. Weekdays I’ll be In bed by 9-10pm, up by 6am to train. Weekends, I’ll love that by about 1-2 hours. It’s not hard. You just need to make it a focus and make it important.

Tonight, after 3 hours sleep last night and an 11 mile run, I should sleep like a baby!

I’m slightly ahead of my running target for this month. 28.4 miles, 26% of the way through the month. 💯 mile 🎯

I plan to mix my running up with strength training in the Garagym next week. It’s about time after about 4 weeks off it. Time to get fit in Winter. I’ll start off with the 25 minute HIIT session above on Sunday. (So my legs might be even sorer on Monday / next week!)

Here’s the plan for next week:

Mon: 5M Run
Tue: HIIT & Runner Strength (PT chat PM)
Wed: 6M Run (PT chat PM)
Thu: HIIT & 4s Strength
Fri: 5k lunchtime
Sat: 9-12M Run
Sun: HIIT & Strength

Maybe a rest day in there somewhere. Maybe on the Thursday Friday. But I’ll see how it goes and take it from there. The main things is to get sleep, get back to having a good work life balance and get back to a training routine.

I’m back on it. Who else is?

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